Team Secret, the fourth on the leaderboard this season and one of the favorite teams is set to take the Aegis of the Immortality at The International 8. Let’s see their evolution in the competitive circuit.

Like PSG.LGD, Team Secret has had its ups and downs, though we can say that they have been the complete opposite. While the Chinese team made a terrible start to the DPC, Team Secret dominated in all the tournaments. They started with a second place finish in the first Major of the season. While in the second Major they did not fail and became the champions and the following month they won another Minor.

Team Secret

Credits: Dotablast

They had the ability to take home a lot of titles it the 2017-2018 season, but it was from ESL One Genting in which “Fata” got sick and had to play with “Ohaiyo” as a substitute in the semifinal of the tournament where Team Secret began to lose its dominance. Even so, they had managed to take points from eight of the fifteen tournaments they played in, which got them the fourth place with 5,136 qualifying points and $ 1,335,000 in winnings.

Evolution of the roster

After the disband of the legendary team, Natus Vincere formed by “XBOCT”, “Dendi”, “Funn1k”, “Puppey” and “KuroKy”, these last two inseparable players decided to set up a new team after The International 4 with former Fnatic players and Alliance. The rumors were confirmed with “s4”, “Fly” and “N0tail” joining the team.

What at first seemed like it was going to be a stable roster, it was nothing like that. “N0tail” and “Fly” did not take long to leave a few months later and “Arteezy” and “zai” arrived with their comings and goings to Evil Geniuses on several occasions. But the worst of all was when they threw “w33haa” and “Misery” for no apparent reason after winning the Shanghai Major in 2016. Probably Team Secret has been one of the most unstable teams because of the large number of players that have left the team in recent years including: “EternaLEnVy”, “Forev”, “BuLba”, “MP”, “pieliedie”, “Universe” and “Khezu”.

Finally, in September 2017 the team is remodeled, which has made such a good qualifying season in the competitive circuit and which will go to The International 8:

  • Marcus ” Ace ” Hoelgaard.
  • Yeik ” MidOne ” Nai Zheng.
  • Adrian ” Fata ” Trinks.
  • Yazied ” Yapz0r ” Jaradat.
  • Clement ” Puppey ” Ivanov

Playing style

“Puppey” has always been recognized for playing innovative and risky things, trying to confuse the rival. They tend to be aggressive in the early stages of the game with rotations, especially “Yapz0r” and one of the latest additions, “Ace” is characterized by playing very well on most complicated heroes.

Team Secret

Credits: Esports Insider

In the last six months, they have played 86 games with a winning percentage of 59.30 %. Like other teams, Team Secret won more in the Radiant faction with 66.67% with fewer games than in Dire, where they had 53.19% win ratio. They are also very versatile since in recent months they have played 97 different heroes.

Team Secret is one of the favorites to win The International. Puppey is one of the legends of Dota 2 and with the services of “Yapzor” and “Fata”, he will surely be aiming to grab the title twice to his name.