Somnus has won the ESL One Birmingham online 2020’s MVP award and taken away the Mercedez-Benz to become the first Chinese player to do so. Somnus has been given this award for his mind-blowing efforts to help PSG.LGD win the ESL One Birmingham 2020. 

As all the tournaments follow the online criteria, this year’s MVP selection was a little different than all the previous ones.  This year, an MVP from each region of the tournament was selected. All the finalists advanced to the second voting round to decide the final MVP. The voting was done by Dota 2 experts and fan-based. Here are the MVPs from each region of the tournament.


Puppey from Team Secret was selected the MVP of the European region as Team Secret has performed extremely well under his captaincy. Puppey has also won an ESL MVP award before for his brilliant performance. 


Lelis from Team Quincy Crew was nominated as the region’s MVP. Although the region had Evil Geniuses in it, Lelis came as a surprise as Quincy Crew made a clean sweep against Team CR4ZY as 3-0. 

Southeast Asia

Jabz was announced as the MVP of the region. Jabz being the captain of Fnatic and position 5, made the team overcome all the difficulties and win the tournament. His in-game decisions and support made the audience and experts pick him up as the contender for the title.


Somnus from Team PSG.LGD was selected as the MVP of the region. His mid lane skills made the team win a lot of games and eventually the tournament. The team secured the win against the region’s one of the biggest monsters, Invictus Gaming. 

Some Dota 2 experts and audiences were left for voting for their favorite player. Eventually, Somnus captured the title as his dominance was just more than any other player during the tournament. The voting lasted a week and Somnus was crowned with the MVP title with a Benz to take home. 

ESL’s 10th Mercedes-Benz 

After winning his first-ever ESL MVP title, Somnus joins the list of few Dota 2 professional players who have secured this title. Unlike any other title, ESL’s MVP title is considered one of the most prestigious prizes as ESL partnered with Mercedez and each winner takes home one car from the company. 

Since 2017, ESL has provided the players this amazing gift and only a few could have managed to win it. There is only one player in the professional Dota 2 circuit who has won this award twice. No[O]ne from Team Virtus Pro has managed to win the MVP title from ESL twice. Similarly, three other players from Team Secret and Team Virtus Pro have secured this award already. Some of the players who have won this award are Mid[O]ne, Puppey, March, and Solo. All these players have gotten the Mercedes-Benz from ESL and so has Somnus. This year, ESL One Birmingham Online 2020 gives away the 10th Mercedes Benz to Somnus.