As per the organization’s announcement, PSG.LGD’s two of the biggest stars are leaving Dota 2 roster. Somnus and fy, the shining bright assets of the team are leaving the club as comes the date of their expiry of the contract they had with PSG.LGD comes near.

The Announcement

The announcements by the team inculcate “friendly negotiations” amongst the members, as LGD claims. The organization decided to let go of their members with the utmost respect for their future prospects and career developments. This all happened in goodwill, without any discrepancies. The LGD Gaming team also wishes good luck and riddance to the off-bidding players. The team let them go with a better style.

All-Chinese team

A formation of the all-Chinese team is coming to its existence with Vici gaming absolutely losing their offlaner and the coach due to the similar reasons of expiry of the contract on 1st of September, the dream of it seems like reality. Expansion into the dimensions of Dota 2 is being considered by PUBG team Four Angry Men. The current situation of expiry of the contract means that the transfer of players from China is easier now as the large sums of fees that are associated with it are now abolished.


Somnus, the player, has been marking his grounds and stood steadfast in the squad of LGD since 2015. He is an established and renowned worldwide star player especially after the extravagant glorious season of the game he played in 2015 at The International, securing a third place. This became his biggest achievement and people still recall him with that memory. 


Fy is the outstanding captain of LGD’s squad since 2017 and it has happened as soon as he shifted the organization from Vici Gaming to this. The exceptional and stellar performances he gives off with heroes like Rubick and Earthshaker have earned him quite a name in the industry as well as a reputation of being one of the best position fours to play any game.

Somnus and fy have been enjoying marvelous and spectacular success over the past three years. LGD also has been launching itself as an unreachable top cat in China, participating and winning Majors like EPICENTER XL and MDL Changsha Major. They also simultaneously were winning multiple other Majors like T18 and T9, securing two top-three finishes.

Current Situation

During the very current times, the team is undergoing some major streaks of poor performances. They are losing in the opening qualifiers for two tournaments of this year’s Dota Pro Circuit. This occurrence might be a result of roster changes and this be another contributing factor that Somnus and fy are deciding to pursue new opportunities and chances. Both of the players hold extreme talent for the game and can easily fit into a new team. However, there is no official news about both players, we can still hope for positive news soon about Somnus and FY joining another team.