A tweet from the official Twitter account of talent’s agency said that Paul “Redeye” Chaloner has resigned from Code Red Esports. The tweet stated that the managing director resigned due to some personal reasons. 

Why Resignation? 

The resignation of the managing director came just after a few days when he was accused of abuse for years by a very famous esports commentator and analyst, James Bank. He shared the images and secret information related to the abuse by Redeye on Twitter. Initially, Redeye and the owner of Code Red Esports Luke Cotton denied all the allegations against them by the commentator. Eventually, on June 28th, Bank provided more information about the abuse that further added to the court case Bank filed against Redeye. 

After all the accusations got hype, Chaloner decided to step down from the Esports scene. A Reddit post from a user who claims to be a Juror in Chaloner’s case says that Chaloner was not found guilty of any child or domestic abuse. Ever since the jury announced the decision, Chaloner’s account has been deleted. Similarly, Chaloner finally came out with his own statement and said that I kept fighting against the charges on me but when my children got dragged into this, I decided to leave the scene. I went to the court and was found not guilty. The managing director also said that he will no longer participate in any kind of Esports event. 

More Allegations

As of the weekend of June 27, more allegations came towards Chaloner and Cotton as Gfinity staff member Lewis Farley came out. The member released a public document stating that Chaloner and Cotton made his life miserable at work. They forced him to work extra hours and created a very unhealthy workspace. He also said that he got denied for all the mental health leaves, causing him stress and anxiety because of the work. 

As more allegations took force, Bank also added a new charge against Lake Cotton. James Bank accused Cotton of improper behavior of the character towards a “high-profile woman in the gaming scene”.

Chaloner to Leave

Chaloner has been a known name in the esports industry since its very beginning as he hosted a lot of major tournaments for CSGO and Dota 2. He even appeared as the commentator in numerous Internationals from Dota 2. Despite all the respect and name, Chaloner has earned over the years, he has decided to step down from the esports industry as he claims that he doesn’t want to be a part of the wave of allegations. As a matter of fact, Chaloner is not the first or the last one to face charges against him in the esports industry, multiple other commentators like Tobiwan and Femyster have gone through it in June. New allegations are coming out every day in the esports industry and those who have been involved in any kind of sexual or other harassment are getting off the scene.