Data mining is a big part of a lot of popular games. A lot of users go through game files to mine the data and see what’s inside. However, this trend never shifted towards Dota 2. Recently, this statement took a hit and Dota 2 entered the list as well.

The Reddit User

Recently, a Reddit user went through all the Dota 2 files and found something incredible. The user went deep into his search to find 19 unreleased heroes. He also discovered that the heroes are under process and yet to be released. Valve possibly planned to release them turn by turn. However, some of them provided different information. Some of the heroes only consisted of a little piece of code in the files. On the other hand, few of them have the full set of abilities and spells.

All of the heroes used a code name with few of them provided significant insight. The most realized heroes in the hidden files are the Puppet Master, Vampire, and Valkyrie. According to the code, nothing came out in regards to what these heroes would look like and what roles they would carry. However, the commands attached to each of them provided an idea about how each of them would behave and will be played. 

Puppet Master

Puppet Master came out according to his name. Each of his abilities acted around his name. His list of spells included Stage Fright, Pull the Strings, and String Up. A lot of professionals concluded that the hero might include a controllable unit like Lone Druid. The predictions also included that the hero might have a controllable remnant. According to his name, the first prediction seems to be more truthful.


Vampire also seemed to have controllable units. His set of abilities included Enthrall, Take Wing, Vampiric Rage, and Vampirism. The hero will be able to command thralls with his Enthrall ability. The Take Wing ability is toggleable. Similarly, he also has two passive spells, Vampirism and Vampiric Rage.  


Valkyrie also has a long set of abilities available. Professionals are confused about the role she will have in the game. Some of her spells favor her to be the damage dealer. However, some of them point in the support direction. He Luminous Blade casts damage. On the other hand, her abilities like Healing Touch and Safeguard favors the hero to be a support. 

Non-Realized Heroes

Besides all these heroes, plenty of other heroes also covered the list. The heroes like Primal Beast, Hoplite, Mouse, and Bruiser got their abilities incompleted. It is still unclear whether these new Dota 2 heroes are under development. Multiple professionals are making their predictions about these heroes. Some of them predict that these heroes repurposed their abilities for other heroes. The answer is still unknown for each Dota 2 player. 

We won’t be witnessing 19 new heroes in Dota 2 soon. However, it is a great finding for sure.