Fnatic recently announced the return of Marc ‘Raven’ Fausto to its professional Dota 2 roster. Before his return, Raven served with Geek-fam for one year. Although Raven didn’t spend a lot of time with Fnatic before, the team provides a warm welcome. In 2016, Raven joined Fnatic for a very short period of time buff.game. The 21-year-old played for two months in 2016 in Fnatic. Currently, Raven joins back Fnatic as a replacement for Nuengnara  ‘23savage’ Teeramahanon. 

Raven’s Accomplishments

Raven is one of the strongest carries in the professional Dota 2 circuit. He plays his best game with Juggernaut, Gyrocopter, and Terrorblade. As Raven played through GeekFam, the team won the One Esports Dota 2 League and the BTS Pro Series Season 2. Throughout these series, Raven dominated in the most critical matches to win the tournament. Raven’s run with GeekFam is amazing and we are expecting it to be better with Fnatic. Moreover, Raven also won the title of the World Electronic Sports Games tournament with his team. 2020 is a good year for Fnatic so far, as the team won two tournaments in the year. With Raven joining the picture, Fnatic will definitely be counted among some of the most difficult teams to defeat. 

Khor’s Reviews

Fnatic’s professional manager and director shared his reviews about Raven joining the squad as well. Eric ‘Reinnnn’ Khor said that in the desire of becoming the strongest team in Southeast Asia, we have decided to join hands with Raven. The whole team welcomes the professional for the second time. The director also said that snatching the most promising carry of SEA Dota 2 will bring a new charisma to the team. He will bring some power to the already stacked roster of Fnatic. 

23Savage’s Departure

23Savage competed in professional Dota 2 through Fnatic for ten months. He played as a carry in the team. 23Savage earned a lot of milestones while staying with Fnatic. He even jumped into the 11k MMR club while he worked with Fnatic. On his departure, the director, Reinnnn expressed his feelings for the player as well. He thanked the professional by saying that we are not going to miss the opportunity to congratulate and to thank all the efforts and working 23Savage put in with Fnatic. The manager also said that we are lucky enough to encounter his 11k MMR figure while he stood with us. Also, the manager shared his thoughts about the future. He said that the whole team wishes that we meet against each other now in various LAN tournaments. 

The new roster change is going to make a difference for Fnatic. The team already comes into some of the strongest teams in the region. Raven’s joining will definitely bring a lot of success for Fnatic. Although 23Savage left the organization, Fnatic still is considered a very strong team that can do wonders. Let’s see if Raven can fill in the position of 23Savage really well.