Quincy crew became the first team to secure 2-0 in the Omega League: Americas Divine Division, as they picked up their second win in many matches. Quincy Crew also managed a forty-nine minute cleanup of Pace on this Wednesday.

Business Associates Victory

In the game, Boonz + Goonz dropped for 0-2 to business associates. Business Associates played their first game of the tournament and managed to win via two-game sweep this Wednesday very professionally.

For the cumulative amount of $31,500, ten teams entered Americas Divine Division of the Dota 2 event. The officials made two groups. Each of the group contained five teams.

Tournament’s format

All of the matches to be played are going to be the best of three until the grand finale. On the grand finale, which is scheduled to happen on September 5th, the matches will be best-of-five. The rounds of double-elimination playoffs will begin on the 28th of August, and the champion who wins the tournament will receive a cash prize of $12,000.

As the game progresses, the two teams from each consecutive group will be climbing up the ladder and advancing towards the upper bracket of the playoffs; a method known as a single round-robin format.

As for the lower bracket of the playoffs, to determine it, the third and fourth place teams from each of the consecutive groups will advance to the play-in stage. This also makes way for the losing team as they are able to march towards the quarterfinals of the second-tier of Americas Ancient Division playoffs.

The teams on the fifth position will also be allocated a place into the quarterfinals of the Americas Ancient Division playoffs, as the game advances.

Group A, on this Wednesday, had both of its day’s matches with business associates. They also won the game, in a total of thirty-nine minutes and forty-five minutes. QC, on the other hand, dropped Pace to 0-2 with a sum of twenty minutes and twenty-nine minutes. They also secured a victory.

On the upcoming Thursday, QC will be right back on track, taking on 4 Zoomers in a battle with Group A’s unbeaten teams. In the Group B action, Infamous will begin its run and play the first match of the event. Infamous first takes Omega Gaming in the group. 

Group Standings 

Omega League is going great so far. The Americas Divine Division standings are divided into two groups. The group A standing teams are Quincy Crew, 4 Zoomers, Business Associates, Boonz + Goonz, and Pace. Similarly, group B standing teams are Beastcost, Thunder Predator, Infamous, Omega Gaming, and Team Brasil. All of these teams performed really well at the beginning of the tournament. 

The tournament is still going to bring plenty of surprising and thrilling matches. Two groups are competing to win a major title. Omega League is going to be here for some time, let’s see which team comes out the strongest.