Valve uses DotA 2 Pro Circuit Points to create the ranking of the competing teams. In addition to indicating the best teams in the game world, the system is used by the developer as a qualifer for The International. Thus, 12 teams with the most DPC Points will be invited to the biggest DotA 2 event in the world. Lets Understand, how the score works, the worth of the Majors and Minors and see the rules of the competitive for season 2018/19.

Distribution in sponsored championships

The distribution of the points is divided into two championship formats: Majors and Minors. In the 2017/18 season, the awards were 1500 DPC Points for the Major and 300 DPC Points for the Minor. In the 2018/19 season, the Major’s value jumped to 15,000 DPC Points, while Minor became 500 DPC Points. Now more points are awarded and every team gets a cut of the points depending on the rank it finished.

The change happened after the DotA 2 community asked for the difference between Minor and Major to be greater. Scores grow linearly for events with awards that exceed $ 1 million in the Major.

Changes in DotA 2 Pro Circuit for 2018/2019

Valve has announced six changes for the 2018/19 season. The points now go directly to the teams and not to the players individually. All teams participating in a Pro Circuit championship will earn points, according to Valve’s distribution. Organizations may use a substitute in a tournament, but this will result in a loss of 40% of the points.

Line ups can exchange players at any time, but will lose 20% of points earned until the change. In case a single team wins Minor and Major points that are sister teams  of a single organization, only the with the greater points will be get the ticket to The International.

Ranking and invitations to The International

The DotA 2 Pro Circuit ranking was used by Valve to make the invitations to The International 8. The developer has selected eight teams for the tournament through the rankings. Thus, Virtus Pro, VGJ.Thunder, Team Secret, Vici Gaming, Team Liquid , Mineski, PSG.LGD and Newbee were the invited teams.

In the 2018/19 season, there will be twelve organizations invited to the event with the highest points in the DPC ranking. According to Valve, teams that exceed 5125 DPC Points will already be ranked mathematically for The International 9. In this season, after four tournaments, Virtus Pro and Team Secret have already secured their places in the world championship.

Now the pressure falls on to the giants like EG, PSG.LGD and Liquid to get their tickets to The International as soon as possible. Their 5 competition left to play for, which include 3 Minors and 2 Majors. If we see the Major winners other than VP and Secret the teams will surely be the ones to get the ticket of The International.