With the victory of TI8, OG has finally entered the history books of Dota 2. However, we did not see them during the new season, as soon after the announcement was made that they would take a short break to return to their strengths.

After announcing their participation in the Chongqing Major qualifiers, we could see the OG on the list, so it seems everyone was ready to re-enter the race. Except for one man  Anathan “ana” Pham, the team’s midlaner announced his retirement for the second time. Last year, on August 17, he also stepped back, although he was able to compete in The International and took the competition by storm.

Black ^

Although in the past, it has been a part of the analytic stable, but most fans are waiting for his return to the field of action. Not long ago, in an interview, he revealed that he will be playing for a pro chinese team, but he broke his hand, so he had to leave the game for the time being. He has  shown impressive performances as a carry and has previously played on competitive level, so there is no lack of experience. Since OG is looking for a mid-player and can easily change Topson’s position, Dominik ” Black ^ ” Reitmeier could really be a short-term solution, but time would be time-consuming if he was contracted by the world champion.


Ever since Danil ‘ Dendi ‘ Ishutin left the Na’Vi, he has already made two professional appearances. He first promoted his friend Puppey to Team Secret and then played with Vega Squadron on DreamLeague S10 Minor. One problem: Dendi has lost on both sides, and since he has tons of professional experience and some competitive titles under his belt, he would be perfect for the role of OG Mid. Making a mistake aside, with such teammates, the veteran player could get to the top again, provided he gets to join the team.


In 2016, the first replacement of Ana on the OG mid lane was Swede Steve ” Excalibur ” Ye. Since he was already on the bench. It is now a legitimate choice to pick him again, as he has left his employer, DeToNator. He can join the team with a great advantage that he has previously played with N0taill and Cebb so it will be quite easy for him to get familiarized with the strategy of the team. He can also play as a carry so N0tail and the company can play around him with ease.


Puppey has already proved that young and talented Polish players can take a lot of people. Let’s just think of the parade of Secret in Michał ‘Nisha’ Jankowski. But do not mix the merits of OG with discoveries, including Ana, and Topson and Miracle have started their professional career with them. Here comes Filip ‘ Fey ‘ Musialski, who almost qualified for the first minor with his team MangoBay. He is young and has shown impressive plays in the qualifiers.