The advancements that are being made in the field of artificial intelligence are making an incredible impact. This advancement in the future can help a lot of people in decision-making. The latest benchmark that the AI has achieved is through a team of five bots (OpenAI) that won against a team of five humans in Dota 2. Let’s see how they got it.

OpenAI stealing the show

The event began with a warm-up match of OpenAI against a team of amateurs and the result was surprising. The bots completely annihilated this amateur human team, after destroying two lanes at the 13-minute mark. This feat happens on very rare occasions and you don’t get to see such brutality in professional games.

Then, the showdown of the OpenAI bots was against a team of highly qualified humans, just ten days before the start of The International 2018. In that team were the English-speaking commentators and analysts with the highest ranks in the game: Blitz, Capitalist, Fogged, and Merlini. In addition, they had the support of the professional player MoonMeander from Complexity Gaming.

Rules of engagement

In the selection phase (there was no ban), both teams had to choose five from the 18 available heroes which were as follow:

  • Necrophos
  • Sniper
  • Viper
  • Crystal Maiden
  • Lich
  • Shadow Fiend
  • Razor
  • Death Prophet
  • Gyrocopter
  • Tidehunter
  • Earthshaker
  • Witch Doctor
  • Sven
  • Axe
  • Queen of Pain
  • Lion
  • Riki
  • Slark
OpenAI Team

Credits: OpenAI

Items such as Bottle, Divine Rapier, the runes of illusion, Necronomicon, and some others were not allowed in the game, because the AI will always be superior in the micro handling of summoned units. For this reason, there were no heroes with multiple copies or illusions, such as Meepo. In addition, each player had his own indestructible animal courier.

First Game

In the first match, AI proved to be a quite dominant force. The bots managed to draft a lineup that didn’t require them to farm much. At the 20th minute mark, they took down the first lane of racks and then ended the game a few minutes later.

Second Game

The second game was much more even with favorable odds for the human team. On this occasion, the humans managed to get more kills. However, bots made better decisions and were able to increase their lead. They eventually won the game.

Third Game

Although OpenAI won the best of three series by 2-0, the organization decided that the last game should be played for fun. The OpenAI were given the worst heroes in the draft to put them at a disadvantage, even so, the bots fought for more than 35 minutes. However, the odds of winning were against them and they ended up losing.

In this way, the human team was able to leave the event with some dignity by winning at least one game against Open AI.

OpenAI will be in action at Vancouver, Canada against a team of all top active professional players.