With the cancellation of several Dota Pro Circuit events, WePlay! Esports and Epic Esports brought an amazing tournament for Dota 2 fans. Even with the postponement of TI and the absence of DPC, Omega League still managed to hit 400K concurrent viewership. We!Play and Epic Esports proved how much a fantastic event they can pull off.

Record-Breaking Viewership

The Esports Viewership chart collects the data of each tournament throughout the year. Omega League is the second-highest non-Dota Pro Circuit tournament that managed to gather this kind of viewership. Throughout the tournament, the viewership climbed up to the leaderboards. The viewership received more hype with the grand finale of the tournament as Team Secret won its seventh straight title of the year.

We!Play has hosted a lot of events for Dota 2 so far. Their production quality has now set high standards for other tournaments. 

Omega League Season 2

Epic Esports have gathered some of the world-class teams together for the Omega League Season 2. The success of the first season forced the organization to arrange another event for Dota 2. The second league will definitely fill in the void left by Dota Pro Circuit. 

Omega League is the second most-watched non-DPC event for Dota 2. The tournament that topped the viewership list is ESL One Los Angeles 2020. This event gathered 500K concurrent viewership. 

The DPC events

Dota has always gathered large audiences during its major tournaments. The last official Dota Pro Circuit event, Leipzig Major, gathered 457,236 concurrent viewers. Moreover, another DPC event, MDL Chengdu Major gathered 353,798 viewers. There are plenty of other tournaments that attracted big audiences like this. 

Omega League Statistics

Omega League crowned Team Secret as its Champion. The team has returned to its former glory, beating the biggest rivals like Team Nigma and OG. Team Secret secured the highest win rate ever, of 89.47%. The team won 17 out of the 19 games it played during the event. 

The former Team Liquid squad, Team Nigma, closed third at the Omega League. Nigma secured a win rate of 59.09% during the league. Besides this, Omega League represented how diverse the new patch 7.27 is. All the teams produced high-quality Dota. Out of the total 154 heroes, around 105 unique heroes got the chance to get into the game. This represents the open-mindedness by the teams and how diversely they can play different heroes successfully. 

As a whole, Omega League for Dota 2 became a total hit. The event covered each division in the game. Besides some extraordinary games, the event also gathered the second-biggest viewership for a non-DPC tournament. With the wide success of season 1, Epic Esports are all set to come back with season 2. The new season will also include some of the promising teams to compete. The tournament will start in October. Let’s wait and watch what Omega League Season 2 brings for us.