After 10 days of the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, we have a new winner. On the last day of the competition, we watched two series. OG was waiting for the winner of the EG and PSG.LGD. After a great series win, the Chinese team made it to the big grand final. Let’s have a look at how the action unfolded.

Game one

LGD had a good start in the first match of the big final. However, the 7,000 gold lead at one point was not enough to finish the game. Ana on Spectre managed to collect the necessary items after which OG managed to turn the match in their favor, so they led the final 1-0.

Game two

In the second game, the Chinese team played without error. Topson had an awful game on Invoker, and LGD utilized it in the best possible way. Ame and Chalice displayed exceptional performances in this match. While the Invoker ended with a score of 0/12. From this situation, OG could not come back, so LGD equalized the series 1-1.

Game three

The third match was similar to the previous one. This time, n0tail had a nightmare game, and Ame capitalized on it. His Weaver and Fy Phoenix were unstoppable, and that was enough for the LGD to lead the final 2-1.

Game four

The fourth big match final was definitely the most exciting at this year’s tournament. Everything we wanted from one final we got in this match. With a large number of turnarounds, until the last second, both teams could win. However, in the end, OG sent this best-of-five series to the fifth match. Once again, this 4th match started better for LGD, but Ceb managed to quickly buy the blink dagger on Axe that enabled OG to make a comeback. For a long time, OG had to defend the base, but Phantom Lancer was a growing problem for the Chinese team. So, after a lot of uncertain fights, OG managed to win the 65-minute game, tying the series 2-2.

Game five

In the fifth match, as well as in all the other matches of this finale, LGD opened the match much better performance. This time it seemed that the Chinese team would finish this match very quickly. They had a 7k gold advantage in the 16th minute, but a Roshan fight turned the game. After that, OG continued to win every fight. Magnus hit Reverse Polarity, while Ember Spirit and Zeus greatly influenced the game by inflicting huge damage on their opponents. Team Fights from OG were getting better. In just a matter of minutes, they moved into a twenty thousand gold lead. LGD managed to throw a sure victory, with the n0tail and the gang lifting the Aegis.


Credits: Valve

The OG entered every Main Event event as an outsider. They managed to win the biggest eSports competition of the year with the largest ever prize pool. They received 44% of the overall prize pool (+$25 million). The next year, TI9 will be held in Shanghai, so we will see if someone will finally win the trophy twice next year.