‘Made in Brazil ‘ or MiBR continues to dominate with the arrival of Janko ” Ynk ” Paunović and won against mousesports by 2 – 0 in DH Masters Stockholm in 2018. With the victory, the Brazilian team secured a place in the playoffs of the competition. While the mouz plays tomorrow in the hope of staying alive in the championship.

Bans and Picks

  • mousesports ban Overpass
  • MiBR ban Nuke
  • mousesports pick Mirage
  • MiBR pick Inferno
  • mousesports ban Train
  • MiBR ban Dust2
  • Cache was left over

The series

In Mirage, the map chosen by mousesports, the Poles started well, winning the pistol round and the following three after it. However, MIBR managed to score their first point in the fifth round and continued to stay on the offensive. The MiBR side astonishingly won ten rounds in a row making the score 10 – 4 in their favor. With the last point of the first half in hand, MiBR confirmed the Brazilian advantage by 10 – 5 in the first half.


Credits: HLTV

On the TR side, tarik came back refreshed and won three consecutive rounds for his side. In the nineteenth round,ropz managed to defuse the bomb to secure a round for mousesports. However, FalleN, coldzera, and cia did not give a chance for a potential comeback, as mousesports ended up losing 16 – 6 on their own map.

Game two

In the Inferno, MIBR started things differently from the first map. The managed to win three consecutive rounds. After 7 rounds played it looked the MiBR will not be taking this series for granted as they were leading 5-2. The next 5 rounds were also won by Stewie and the boys.

After a dominating performance from the Brazilian team in the first half, they went into halftime winning 11-4.

On the TR side, tarik returned to shine in the pistol round and secured the 12 – 4 in favor of the MIBR. They also won two of the next three rounds to lead 14 – 5 in the map. With ropz and chrisJ showing glimpses of brilliance, mouz secured three rounds in a row and got the score to 14 – 8. However, confirming the good phase and with a beautiful move from tarik his side got the last point, and MIBR won against mousesports by 16 – 8, closing the series at 2 – 0.


Credits: DreamHack

Other results

  • Grayhound 0 – 2 Tyroo – Grayhound eliminated from the tournament
  • Na’Vi 2 – 1 NRG – NRG eliminated from the tournament
  • Heroic 2 – 1 Fnatic – Fnatic eliminated from the tournament
  • Astralis 1 – 2 North – North qualified for the playoffs
  • Gambit 1 – 2 HellRaisers – Gambit eliminated from the tournament
  • Ghost 1 – 2 NiP – NiP qualified for the playoffs
  • FaZe 2 – 0 OpTic – FaZe get a spot in the playoffs

Upcoming Games

  • TyLoo x Astralis | BO3
  • Na’Vi x Ghost | BO3
  • Heroic x OpTic | BO3
  • HellRaisers x mousesports | BO3