Dota 2 is going through a lot these days. With the TI10 still in the air, the current online tournaments for Dota 2 are getting a hit. A lot of technical difficulties are affecting the tournaments. Despite all these, there is still room available for further controversies. The former host, caster, and a pro-Dota 2 player,  Kyle ‘Kyle’ Freedman reignited the debate about restreaming in Dota 2. 

Post on Medium

In a post on Medium by Kyle on 2nd September, he addressed a giant issue about famous Dota 2 streamers broadcasting the live tournament games on their streams. He named the article ‘The Elephant in the Room’ to point towards the biggest streamers. His article covered the issue about streamers using the Dota 2 pro tournaments as free content. Kyle also criticized the on-going Dota 2 tournament, ‘Omega League’. The postponement occurred in the play-in of the tournament clearly made up for frustration in him. 

The basic purpose

The basic purpose of the post was restreaming in Dota 2. Kyle described how miserable restreaming is for the official tournament organizers. Due to the ease of access to the tournament games through the game’s client, streamers can fairly spectate the game without any hesitation. This draws a massive amount of gathering to split and watch on their favorite channels. The tournament organizers then take a hit due to less audience watching the streams. 

The Realm Server

Unlike League of Legends, Dota 2 doesn’t support an individual realm server for its online tournaments. This means that anyone can join and spectate a pro-Dota 2 match through DotaTV. Spectators and the general audience can easily stream a live match of Dota 2. This has not been an issue before COVID-19. Most of the tournaments used LAN as the method of play. However, with COVID-19 on-going, all of the tournaments are shifted online and there is no other way to witness the games other than spectating. 

Valve’s Response

Valve’s official statement on DotaTV streaming includes some general points regarding this matter. DotaTV is responsible for streaming the official games of Dota 2, however, multiple big streamers can also stream the tournament games. This streaming should not be done to make a competition with DotaTV. This official statement came out in January 2018. Since then, nothing has changed. Kyle argues in his post about the current scene of Dota 2 restreaming. He claims that the hit will be higher this time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, it is clear that famous streamers who are using official tournament games as their streaming content are competing with DotaTV in terms of streaming. As they snatch a large amount of audience from the official channel and show them their own sponsors. 

Kyle also argues that Valve should immediately take a step to stop Dota 2 restreaming. This has dealt enough damage to the game’s online community, it will do worse in these times. Let’s see what Valve has to say upon this.