ONE Esports Singapore Major

The One Singapore Major Esports tournament was based on a prize pool of $500,000 where the winner would get $200,000 and 2700 DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) points. Unfortunately, Team Nigma was one of the few teams that went home without earning any cash and without earning any points. 

Ex-Team Liquid forms new Dota 2 Team Named Nigma

Team Nigma’s defeat at the Singapore Major was truly a shock to everyone watching and spectating. Nigma received heavy blows from Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, and Gambit before losing their last match in the tournament. 

Losing at the hands of T1, on the 28th, for the final match of their second and last day of the Dota2 tournament, the teams scored:

Map 1:

  • T1 Esports; 6 K gold & Team Nigma; 4 K gold.
  • T1 Esports; 51 Kills & Team Nigma 14 kills.
  • T1 Esports; 65 K Net & Team Nigma; 35 K Net.

Map 2:

  • T1 Esports; 7 K gold & Team Nigma; 6 K gold.
  • T1 Esports; 31 Kills & Team Nigma 24 kills.
  • T1 Esports; 73 K Net & Team Nigma; 51 K Net.

T1’s larger count of gold, kills, and net exp did gain them clear advantages to win against team Nigma in both maps but the Dota2 teams (both) ended up getting eliminated on the second day of the event. 

Understandably, since Nigma was playing with their coach as the substitute, their performance in the Wild Card round wouldn’t be their best but they were still only able to secure one map victory in the time they played at the tournament, out of 9 maps total. They spent most of their time and energy guarding the substitute instead of trying to work with him to secure a win.

The team had to play without one of their regular teammates. His unavailability, like those of many others, was due to it being an offline match, especially in today’s age of the Covid-19 virus… quite the dilemma indeed.

And while team Nigma was fighting to keep their place in the tournament, Team Liquid was soaring high with win after win. First against team Nigma, then against PSG.LGD, then after winning 11 other matches, team Liquid was also eliminated on the first of April when they lost against Vici Gaming at a score of 2:0.

Map 1:

  • Vici Gaming; 9 K gold & Team Liquid; 2 K gold.
  • Vici Gaming; 21 Kills & Team Liquid 14 kills.
  • Vici Gaming; 78 K Net & Team Liquid; 58 K Net.

Map 2:

  • Vici Gaming; 13 K gold & Team Liquid; 5 K gold.
  • Vici Gaming; 33 Kills & Team Liquid 17 kills.
  • Vici Gaming; 90 K Net & Team Liquid; 59 K Net.

The other teams Nigma faced before their last match were namely Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, and AS Monaco Gambit.

Team Liquid vs. Team Nigma:

Map 1:

  • Team Nigma; 5 K gold & Team Liquid; 14 K gold.
  • Team Nigma; 15 Kills & Team Liquid 40 kills.
  • Team Nigma; 52 K Net & Team Liquid; 98 K Net.

Map 2:

  • Team Nigma; 7 K gold & Team Liquid; 13 K gold.
  • Team Nigma; 16 Kills & Team Liquid 43 kills.
  • Team Nigma; 49 K Net & Team Liquid; 78 K Net.

PSG.LGD vs. Team Nigma:

Map 1:

  • Team Nigma; 7 K gold & PSG.LGD; 13 K gold.
  • Team Nigma; 28 Kills & PSG.LGD 51 kills.
  • Team Nigma; 74 K Net & PSG.LGD; 105 K Net.

Map 2:

  • Team Nigma; 4 K gold & PSG.LGD; 14 K gold.
  • Team Nigma; 16 Kills & PSG.LGD 19 kills.
  • Team Nigma; 56 K Net & PSG.LGD; 71 K Net.

AS Monaco Gambit vs. Team Nigma:

Map 1:

  • Team Nigma; 8 K gold & AS Monaco Gambit; 13 K gold.
  • Team Nigma; 34 Kills & AS Monaco Gambit 41 kills.
  • Team Nigma; 79 K Net & AS Monaco Gambit; 104 K Net.

Map 2:

  • Team Nigma; 5 K gold & AS Monaco Gambit; 15 K gold.
  • Team Nigma; 16 Kills & AS Monaco Gambit 38 kills.
  • Team Nigma; 52 K Net & AS Monaco Gambit; 78 K Net.

Needless to say, Nigma lost every match they took part in at the One Singapore Major tournament. They won just one map. And went home with zero earning or rewards… along with the disappointment, their fans felt due to the tragic performance.