The ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League came to an end as Geek Fam secured a 3-1 victory over Fnatic in an epic final. Geek Fam captured the $40,000 USD prize pool by winning over Fnatic. An unexpected victory, Geek Fam came out stronger than Fnatic in the finals to snatch the title. 

Here are some previews from each game of the finals. 

Game 1

Geek Fam opened the finals with a victory over Fnatic. Geek Fam pushed Fnatic enough that they called “GG” in 49 minutes. The picks favored Fnatic at first as Morphiling safe-lane looked a little dangerous. As a matter of fact, Naga Siren from Geek Fam showed an unstoppable play and secured 12 kills on the map. With the highest net worth in the game, Geek Fam secured the first game of the series.

Game 2

Fnatic came back in the second game by giving a dominating performance. Phantom Lancer and Puck from Fnatic demolished Geek Fam’s confidence from the previous game. Geek Fam could only score 11 kills in the second game and called out GG in just 35 minutes. From the very beginning, Fnatic showed that they had game 2. 

Game 3

After losing a game, Geek Fam tried Terrorblade once again, and this time, it worked. Geek Fam secured game 3 in just 34 minutes. It was not a one-sided battle as the scorecard ended as 17-23. Offlane Puck by Fnatic tried to stop Geek Fam by securing 9 kills in the team, it never was enough. Geek Fam ended game 3 in a style by going all-in from mid-lane. 

Game 4

Game 4 came out as the best of all. Geek Fam represented an unstoppable performance by throwing Fnatic off the road. The game ended in 44 minutes with a scorecard of 7-43. Once again, the Morphiling pick didn’t work for Fnatic and Geek Fam’s Anti-Mage ruled. Geek Fam replied to the Fnatic’s Morphiling pick by making burst damage build on Ember Spirit. Thus, Fnatic never got the chance to come back into the scene and called out GG.

Geek Fam’s Run

Geek Fam lost to TNC Predator in the upper bracket of the playoffs. In the lower bracket, Geek Fam performed extremely well. The team faced Team Adroit and team T1 in the lower bracket. Securing a 2-1 victory in both series, Geek Fam moved forward in the lower bracket finals. Here, the team faced an old rival TNC Predator once again. Geek Fam took revenge on TNC and moved to the finals of the tournament by securing a 2-0 victory over TNC. 

As a whole, Geek Fam secured a $40,000 prize. Fnatic also won $20,000 by securing the second position. Not just this, the prize pool distributed among the top ten teams. As a whole, the tournament produced some epic games. Geek Fam’s proved unpredictable throughout by winning it.