Former DOTA 2 esports player Park ‘March’ Tae-won has announced his return to the pro scene as the coach for recently founded South Eastern Asian team, Echo International.

The Korean and Canadian player announced back in March 2016 that he wouldn’t be signing up for a new team because he was joining the Navy as part of his compulsory military service.

March is best known for his time on MVP Phoenix, who were the first Korean team to qualify for an International tournament (TI4).

While MVP narrowly missed out on advancing to phase two that year, they were more successful in 2015. They qualified again and were able to finish 7-8th. That was the biggest result of March’s career as he took home around $165,000 (£119k).

Overall, March is thought to have earned around $231k (£167k) during his career despite only competing for around three years.

Now in a new stage of his career, March will be hoping he can put his experience to good use as a coach for the first time. Echo International have some potential, especially with the promising 18-year-old Anathan ‘Ana’ Pham. The Australian who looked good during his time on OG, taking home $200k (£144k) for himself after winning the Kiev Major 2017.


Source: dailymail