Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis is taking a break from competitive Dota 2 for an unspecified time. It looks like business associates won’t be making a lot of appearances in the upcoming Dota 2 professional series. The team lost its captain as Fear takes a break from Dota 2.

Beyond the Summit Pro Series

Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 3: Americas include Business Associates as one of the competitors. As the series moved forward and matches started to heat up, the roster of Business associates changed. The team is playing under the alias of Team Zero. Also, Fear is not captaining the team anymore as he takes a break from the competitive scene. 

Business Associates current players

Currently, three out of five players are playing through Business Associates. However, two stand-ins are also joining the team in different tournaments. The stand-ins include Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao and Jingjun ‘Sneyking’ Wu. The squad is now the same for several months.

Fear replied to his fans through Twitter, telling about the current situation. He said he is going to take a break from the competitive Dota 2 as the DPC is not coming back until 2021. He also said that his three teammates still wished to play Dota 2 and they are doing so. 

Fear didn’t mention the expected time of his return. Fans are expecting him to come back in a few months.

Team Zero’s Squad

Team Zero is right now functioning through a lot of substitutes.  Three of the business associates members joined the team to complete its squad. Along with EE, Jigjun ‘Sneyking’ Wu and Braxton ‘Brax’ Paulson remained to play. However, David ‘Moo’ Hull has not made any statement yet. He is currently not on the Team Zero’s roster and he hasn’t shared any details about it. 

Eternal Envy also joined Eric ‘Ryoya’ Dong with him to add another member to the squad. Ryoya last played from Evil Geniuses in the previous Beyond the Summit Pro Series. With his company, the squad finally lacked one player. The final player to complete the squad became Sivatheeban ‘1437’ Sivanathapillai. He last played through J.Storm which eventually broke down to business associates. 

The future of Business associates

With the current situation, it is uncertain what will happen with business associates. The team is lacking its captain and the whole squad has jumped out. Right now, the players are playing with different teams. EternalEnvy takes more than half of the squad with him to form a new stack. Currently, he is taking his new team to different tournaments. With Fear leaving the team and EE taking the players away, team business associates have a future nobody knows of. 

We can only wait for Fear’s next statement regarding his return to the pro-Dota 2. As he might bring back his old squad and continue with the previous team. Until then, we can enjoy Team Zero and its plays.