Evil Geniuses decides to let go of the very famous Dota 2 streamer and commentator “Grant Harris” as multiple women claimed that he sexually harassed them. Evil Geniuses tweeted about the release of the caster and emphasized on the zero-tolerance policy of the company against any kind of harassment.

Ever since this decision has been made, multiple threads claimed that Grant has an inappropriate manner and habit of sexually harassing women in the industry. The first tweet came from the user “Cofactorstrudel”, he said that everybody witnessed that Grant wouldn’t let go of the girl. The incident happened during the after party of The International 2017. The girl said that she had to force Grant to let go of her. She also posted her messages with Grant in which she said that she hopes that Grant wouldn’t repeat any of those gestures ever again. 

Not only this, but there are plenty of other allegations filed against the caster as well. 

Old Stories

The former Dota 2 professional analyst and coach Anthony “scant ” Hodgson also jumps in the situation and provides some other harassment stories about the caster. He narrated his history with the former Dota 2 professional commentator Natalie. He said that Grant harassed the woman repeatedly until she had to leave the community. On the other hand, the female commentator took the case into the court and after dragging the case for several years, the court found out that Grant actually harassed her, abused her, and cost her her job. 

Besides this, more people are taking part in the conversations and explaining how Grant used to harras women at work. The people are posting stories related to the caster’s behavior with women and further stories can come out in the upcoming days. 

Grant’s Message

Before Evil Geniuses officially posted the termination of the caster, he posted that he would be leaving eSports for a long time if not permanently. He said that he was the one who brought all this mess upon himself and apologized to all the people he possibly hurt. He also added that he hopes the people who didn’t feel comfortable or safe with him feel safer now. Finally, he added that he hopes Dota 2 grows even more and becomes one of the best esports in the upcoming years. 

Boys Club

The former Dota 2 professional analyst “Scant” said that Grant used to call Dota a “Boys Club”. The coach claimed that Grant was totally supported when he used to harras or bully female colleagues. Grant received plenty of support from the higher staff and more people were involved in the harassment of women in the community. The analyst also said that the space is toxic. Here the analyst pointed towards the Dota 2 community where the female staff was not given proper respect. 

With every passing hour, more people are tweeting about the caster and plenty of women have posted his behavior problem with them. Although Grant has decided to leave the scene, he is still taking quite a lot of beating.