Ehome took a 3-1 victory over Invictus Gaming on Sunday to become the DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2 champion. The team took home the top prize of $85,507 by winning the tournament. In May, Ehome also secured another title. The team won the Season 1 in a 10-team Dota 2 tournament to win $37,000 prize. In Sunday’s grand final, Ehome won the first two games and eventually secured the fourth game to become the champion. 

Game 1

Ehome started the grand final with a style. Destroying Invictus Gaming and winning the game in just 33 minutes, uplifted Ehome’s confidence. Ehome finished game 1 as 18 – 42. The game trembled when Ehome’s Offlane Tiny and Midlane Puck started owning the map. Ehome chose a better draft and picked a better lockdown for Terrorblade. Tiny also carried a gem at a 32-minute mark to counter Mirana’s ultimate. As a whole, Ehome performed better and snatched game 1.

Game 2

Ehome got the Radiant side this time and showed even better performance. The game ended as 40 – 15, in the favor of Ehome. Once again, Ehome picked Spectre for Safelane. This time, Syler from his Spectre dominated the whole game by securing 17 kills on the board. The Troll Warlord pick by Invictus Gaming didn’t work at all. In the end, IG tapped out and called GG in 33 minutes. 

Game 3

Invictus Gaming came back and took game 3 of the series. The Midlane Kunka by Emo and Safelane Juggernaut by FlyFly delivered an unstoppable play during the game. Invictus Gaming dominated the whole time in game 3 and finished it as 35 – 12. Unlike IG, Ehome defended their base for a longer time. The Riki plus Mirana combo for Ehome failed very badly, thus giving IG an opportunity. Besides the dominating performance by Invictus Gaming in game 3, Ehome held the base for 38 minutes.

Game 4

In the end, the most thrilling game of the series came out. Ehome got the Radiant side and secured victory at the end. Game 4 came out as no less than a roller-coaster ride. The game ended as 24 – 21 in the favor of Ehome. Although Wraith King from Invictus Gaming tried the best to turn the tables, Magnus pick for Midlane by Ehome came out even stronger. Ehome finished the game in just 36 minutes to win the title in just 4 games. 

The Tournament

The whole tournament brought some amazing plays for the fans. It came out as a big surprise for the fans of Ehome as the team finished seventh in the group stages of the tournament. Similarly, Invictus Gaming secured $37,053 by getting the second position in the tournament. IG reached the grand final all the way through the lower bracket of the playoffs. To reach the final, IG defeated Team Aster as 2 – 0 in 30 and 35 minutes. Team Aster took home $18,527 by securing the third position in the tournament.