The DreamHack Masters Dallas was held From May 31 till June 2. The tournament featured around 16 top CS:GO teams who competed for a prize pool of $250,000. Although every team gave their best, Team Liquid was the one who managed to take the first place. However, something unusual happened after the final match and the North American team was unable to celebrate its victory in the proper way.

What basically happened was that the trophy of the DreamHack Masters Dallas never made it to the stage as it was lost. DreamHack claimed that the trophy was nowhere to be seen during the event and they were unable to get it in time. They further added that they will ship the trophy to Team Liquid once it is found. Because of this very reason, the team was unable to lift the trophy on the stage after they won the tournament. And now, after 10 days, the trophy has been finally delivered to Team Liquid.

The Trophy Is Here

That’s right, the official Twitter account of Team Liquid posted a video where they revealed that the trophy has finally arrived. Not only this, but DreamHack has also made some unique champion rings for the players and even the coach. This is something that has happened for the first time. We currently don’t know whether these rings were made as an apology for making them wait for the trophy, or if DreamHack is going to make them in the future tournaments too. In any case, they look really amazing and the team is going to love them for sure.

Team Liquid’s Performance

Team Liquid played really well throughout the DreamHack Masters Dallas. The team defeated FaZe and North in the earlier stages of the tournament and faced FURIA in the semifinals. After defeating them, they made their way to the grand finals where they had to go against ENCE. All of the team members played really well in the grand finals, and they managed to defeat ENCE after a tough battle. After their win, Team Liquid has achieved the number one spot in HLTV rankings, meaning that they have surpassed Astralis.

Team Liquid’s Dota 2 Roster Changes

Team Liquid also made some changes to its Dota 2’s roster recently. Although the team has managed to keep its Dota 2’s roster together for more than two years, they have finally decided to drop one of their players. The Twitter account of the team confirmed that MATUMBAHMAN is no longer a part of their team, and they even confirmed that this was a mutual decision. Fans are currently when they are going to fill the missing spot in their team since there are only 10 days left until EPICENTER Major.

In any case, Team Liquid’s CS:GO team is all set to play in ESL PRO League season nine finals, which are scheduled to be held from June 18 till June 23. Fans are currently eagerly waiting to see how their favorite team is going to perform in the upcoming tournament.