In the tier-1 esports industry Dota 2 has the most innovative season and qualification process leading to world championships known as The International (TI). This time it will be the 9thseason of The International which is scheduled to be hosted by Shanghai, China having more than $25 million and a pool of prizes. Let us see how it works, the DPC or Dota Pro Circuit is a little puzzling with its positions, timetable and points.

In a very confusing system, even the defending champions of the previous season are not certain to feature in the next season of The International. Direct Invitations are sent to 12 teams around the world purely based on their performance over the span of a regular DPC season including five Majors and Minors each.

In the tournaments sponsored directly by Valve (the developers of Dota 2), it is the grit of a team which gets them a ticket to The International. There are other events being organized as well but the Majors and the Minors could only get you in a better position to see a chunk of $25m coming your way. This system makes CSGO a bit jealous too, do let’s see how it worked in the last season 2018/19.

Dota 2 Majors

Five Majors are scheduled to take place in the year 2018/19 worth 15,000 DPC points in total. The winner of the Majors gets a MAJOR chunk of the point’s pool with 4,950 points, the runners-up bag 3,000 points while there are 2,100 points of the third position finish. The rest of the points are distributed according to the positions at the end of the season.

Winning Majors can never guarantee you a seat in the main event. The American side Evil Geniuses have made it through to the event in Shanghai by three 3rdplace finishes in the Majors. And since it is a marathon and not a sprint to get to the main event of the year, Evil Geniuses has made it there without having a chance to kiss any of the Majors trophy till now this year.

Just like the points pool, all the Majors have a $1 million prize pool as well. The Champions take home $350,000 which means that winning a Majors isn’t too bad monetarily, even a top spot finish with prize money $125,000 is a charm especially for teams which are not funded very well.

The point’s distribution at Majors DPC season is as under:

Position DPC Points
1st 4,950
2nd 3,000
3rd 2,100
4th 1,350
5th/ 6th 900
7th/ 8th 450
9th – 12th 150
13th – 16th 75

And the details of all the five Majors of the season are as under:

The Kuala Lumpur Major

  • Winner: Virtus.Pro
  • Prize Pool: $1 million
  • Event Datse: 9th– 18thNovember 2018
  • Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Chongqing Major

  1. Winner: Team Secret
  2. Prize Pool: $1 million
  3. Event Dates: 19th– 27thJanuary 2019
  4. Venue: Chongqing, China

CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 11

  1. Winner: Vici Gaming
  2. Prize Pool: $1 million
  3. Event Dates: 14th– 24thMarch 2019
  4. Venue: Stockholm, Sweden

MARS Dota 2 League Disneyland® Paris Major

  1. Winner: TBD
  2. Prize Pool: $1 million
  3. Event Dates: 4th– 12thMay 2019
  4. Venue: Paris, France

EPICENTER Major 2019

  • Winner: TBD
  • Prize Pool: $1 million
  • Event Dates: 22nd– 30thJune 2019
  • Venue: Moscow, Russia

Dota 2 Minors

Now when talking about Minors, there is only a point’s pool of 500 points with the winners bagging only 120 points in addition to that the total prize pool is $50,000 less than the winner’s prize in the Majors but the main attraction is the chance to get to a Major and win thousands of points and dollars from there. The points are distributed till the 8thspot only who claim only 20 points off 500.

To break into The International, there has to be thousands of DPC points under your belt. The points won at the Minors are cordoned off if the points won in the Major exceeds that of the Minors in an attempt to prevent Minors points affecting the TI qualification process. The DPC point’s distribution for Minors is as under:

Position DPC Points
1st 120
2nd 100
3rd 90
4th 70
5th/ 6th 40
7th/ 8th 20

The Minors event scheduled in 2018/19 are as under:

DreamLeague Season 10

  • Winner: Tigers
  • Prize Pool: $300,000
  • Event Dates: 29thOct – 4thNov 2018
  • Venue: Stockholm, Sweden

The Bucharest Minor

  • Winner: EHOME
  • Prize Pool: $300,000
  • Event Dates: 9th– 13thJanuary 2019
  • Venue: Bucharest, Romania

StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor

  • Winner: Vici Gaming
  • Prize Pool: $300,000
  • Event Dates: 7th– 10thMarch 2019
  • Venue: Ukraine, Kiev

Dota PIT Minor 2019

  • Winner: TBD
  • Prize Pool: $300,000
  • Event Dates: 22nd– 28thApril 2019
  • Venue: Split, Croatia

StarLadder Ukraine Minor

  • Winner: TBD
  • Prize Pool: $300,000
  • Event Dates: 10th– 16thJune 2019
  • Venue: TBD, Ukraine