TNC is making amendments to its official Dota 2 roster right now. Earlier today, TNC announced the departure of Park ‘March’ Tae-won from the team. With the official announcement, the one-year captaincy tenure comes to an end for March. TNC is the second only South-Asian team to win a Dota 2 major. 

TNC says goodbye to the captain in good faith. The team still posts the best compliments for the service of March and says that the squad now decides to move towards another path. TNC is eager to accomplish its goals with the new strategies. 

March’s Response

As TNC posts complimentary comments about the removal of March from the team, the former captain also replies with the same attitude. March says that there is an end to everything eventually. The former captain also says that in my long Dota 2 career, I spent the best year with TNC. The Korean player also thanked the organization for all the services. March says that he will miss the dynamic Pinoy fans, one of the biggest Dota 2 fan bases in the world. 

TNC with March

TNC had the best start in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2019-20 season. The unexpected championship title from TNC stunned the crowd. The team took down one of the finest Chinese teams, Vici Gaming. TNC played without a coach in the respective tournaments. March took the lead for both captain and coaching roles. His gameplay and strategies seemed totally tuned with the meta and eventually won the major. The aggressive Dota he played with his team let TNC win in the peak times.

The International 10

As TNC won the major tournament, the trophy ensured the direct invite for the team at the biggest tournament of Dota 2, The International. However, Valve suspended the tournament later on due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Valve has postponed the event for an indefinite period as the situation of the virus gets no better. After getting its name in the direct invite list, TNC has struggled in different tournaments with its roster. The team lost to its SEA region rivals, Fnatic in a consecutive manner. Fnatic also made a drastic change in its roster and ever since, it is performing better in the tournaments. 

Chengdu Major

TNC only managed to bounce back during the Dota 2 Chengdu Major 2020. The team took on Vici Gaming in an epic final. The team accomplished an unpredictable task by beating the strongest team in the region, Vici Gaming. 

The roster changes in TNC are going to benefit the team in a lot of ways. The change in captain will definitely let the squad try different strategies during the games. TNC now has the opportunity to look for a captain who can push the team furthermore. Fans are excited for the official announcement by the organization about the new captain. However, TNC has not announced a new captain yet.