The Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost everything in the year 2020. Even all the Esports scene moved to an online basis. Due to the pandemic, Valve canceled the biggest tournament for Dota 2, The International. Every year, the prize pool of The International reaches millions of dollars. Similarly, each year’s prize pool breaks the record of the previous year’s prize. 

40 Million Prize Pool

Despite the unknown delay in the TI10 this year, the prize pool of the tournament managed to reach to the highest level ever. The prize pool for the International 10 finally crosses the 40 Million mark. This is the biggest prize pool for an Esports game in history. The main reason for this kind of massive prize pool is very certain. Valve allowed players to use their Battle Passes for longer.

Apart from the extension in Battle Pass, another reason is the epic rewards throughout the Battle Pass. Fans received three Arcanas along with the Anti-Mage’s Persona. Similarly, multiple Immortal Treasures came out this year. 

Arcana Vote History

A few years ago, Valve gave the fans a chance to vote for their favorite hero once a week for the Arcana. Only the fans who buy the Battle Pass are able to vote. This trend became very famous throughout the years. After many epic battles this year, Spectre finally reached the final of the Arcana voting along with Faceless Void. 

Votings and Expectations

Both of the Carries in the game are highly loved by the players. It became a very difficult task for the fans to make a prediction about the potential winner. During the Arcana vote time, almost 53 million players gave their votes to either of them. However, Spectre eventually managed to beat Faceless Void by receiving 27.5 million votes overall. Most of the fans made a prediction about Invoker winning the Arcana vote this year. However, the hero lost to Witch Doctor who eventually lost to Spectre in the semi-finals. 

Chances of Faceless Void?

Even though Faceless Void lost the voting competition, there are still some chances that he receives an Arcana as well. Like last year, Ogre Magi totally wiped off Windranger in the final votes, but Valve eventually released Arcanas for both of the heroes. Therefore, there are still chances for Faceless Void to get an Arcana after Spectre gets her. 

To see what happens, we have to wait for some time. In the meantime, fans are getting highly excited about Spectre’s Arcana. The hero already has a lot of amazing items in the game. The new Arcana is for sure going to blow a lot of minds. Valve has not disclosed any official release date of the Arcana. However, we surely know that in a few months the new Arcana will arrive, as Valve already starts working on it. For the Faceless Void fans, it seems like that the hero will be lucky enough to get an Arcana too this year.