Each year, Valve blesses the fans by providing them Battle Pass and then the Collector’s Cache. After the successful run of Battle Pass, Valve has given another surprise to the fans. The International 10 Collector’s Cache is here. It is a very unique item in the Battle Pass that provides each player an exclusive set.

What’s Inside?

Every year’s collector cache comes with a unique collection of items. Similarly, this year brings 18 new sets in the cache. Apart from that, the thing that makes Collector Cache important is that 17 out of these 18 sets are not available for general sale. It means no one can actually buy them if they don’t own the cache, making the sets really exclusive. There are three rare sets in the cache. Tiny being the less special, Mars is great to have, and Mirana the rarest. Besides this, there are plenty of other sets that just look really cool. The Night Stalker set is breaking the charts as it is in high demand. The voting also says a lot about the most liked sets. Tiny secured the first rank with 533,094 votes in total. However, Night Stalker and Underlord are not so far behind and anything can be expected. The Collector’s Cache can be purchased for $2.49 USD. 

Due date and Prize pool

The cache is available for sale for 30 days only. If you forgot to buy your own cache, you won’t be able to put your hands on these amazing items. It is your only opportunity to get these exclusive sets in much less money. Besides the items, the Collector’s Cache will contribute to the prize pool of The International 10 as well. Just like Battle Pass, each sale of the cache will somehow contribute to the prize pool. 25% of the money used to purchase this cache will go to the TI 10 prize pool and the remaining 75% goes to Valve. 

Similarly, Valve has also kept another prize for the players. If you purchase a total of 15 treasures, you will be rewarded with 36 Battle Levels. This is just great as you get two things with a price of one. Moreover, purchasing more treasures will provide you better chances to win rare items. 

Recycle Item

This year’s Collector Cache brings some more options to the players. Once you open your treasure and you receive an item that you really don’t like, you can simply recycle the item. Although purchasing 15 treasures provides you with 36 Battle Levels, if you recycle an item you received from the treasure, you will earn 2 more Battle Levels. This is a fair deal as it is better than nothing. 

The International 10 Collector’s Cache comes with a lot of surprises. Many sets that are unreachable for the general audience makes you feel better for sure. If you want to grab these cool sets, you only have 30 days to do so. Don’t miss your chance.