Team Liquid is focusing on a little change in the team by bringing in the new coach. The organization recently signed a contract with another Dota-focused mind, Mathis ‘Jabbz’ Friesel, as the professional coach and analyst of the team. The changes are only made in the support staff of the team to try new limits in the game. 

Two Coaches?

Team Liquid is already bound with another professional coach William ‘Blitz’ Lee at the moment. However, the organization signs the deal with another coach as well. Jabbz is joining the team as an analyst and coach of the team, but Team Liquid will only use him in the latter role. Blitz is currently looking after the team and moving forward with the current roster. This new move with two coaches simultaneously is giving Team Liquid an upper hand to help the roster grow more. 

Older Collaboration 

Some of the previous Tweets tell us that Jabbz and Blitz are connected together before the official announcement. Both of the coaches are working together to stand Team Liquid at the higher spots. The two coaches are paired up from the past to work for Team Liquid. They have also played games together before the announcement of Jabbz joining Team Liquid officially. They also play CS: GO together with a professional star, Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev. 


Jabbz has not played professionally since 2018 with an official roster. After his official appearance with European Kingdra Stack, he is only a staple of official Dota 2 Team Germany. This means that he only plays on-and-off with the team, but doesn’t compete in each scene. With the collaboration with Team Liquid as a coach, this is the first time ever Jabbz is going to settle with a team as a non-player role. Jabbz will keep on working alongside Team Liquid and the roster will try to find the consistency in the upcoming events. 

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is doing extremely well in the recent Dota 2 pro circuit. The online period of the game is going in a positive direction for the team. In the last seven online series by Liquid, the team only ranked once below sixth place. Team Liquid has secured victory against some of the biggest European teams in the professional events. However, Aydin ‘iNSaNiA’ Sarkohi fails to defeat the strongest team in Europe right now, Team Secret. This is not a surprise as none of the other professional teams could do so. 

Team Liquid is preparing the squad to do better in the upcoming professional Dota 2 events. The joining of Jabbz is going to favor Liquid with new strategies and gameplay. Team Liquid is all set to face Team Secret and other stronger teams in the upcoming Dota 2 ESL One Germany 2020 in October. With the new coach and analyst in the team, Team Liquid hopes to move to the highest rank in the tournament. Let’s see what Liquid brings for the fans.