Dota 2 servers caused a postpone to a play-in series at the Omega League: EU Immortal Division. The series between Team Liquid and 5men got postponed due to this trouble. The tournament professionals say that the series will now occur on Tuesday. 

Tie-breaker Series

Omega League: EU Immortal Divison encountered a best-of-three series with the play-in stage following the tiebreaker. However, due to the server issues, the tournament organizers had to postpone the series. Both of the teams had to struggle to finish one full game of the series. Team Liquid and 5men joined the decider series to remain in the Immortal Division. The losing squad drops to the Divine Divison. In the first game, the play had to stop three times due to the servers. After several remakes, the tournament organizers, WePlay! Esports confirmed that the series is postponed. The new date for the decider series is the 1st of September 2020. 

This gives a short time to both teams to rethink and come up with new strategies. It is sad that the game encountered three-time crash in a single match.

What is next?

The organizers and fans are hoping that Valve fixes the servers tomorrow. Omega League: EU Immortal Division is all set to kick off four epic series at the main stage tomorrow. The tournament will begin with both upper and lower bracket matches tomorrow. At the lower bracket, Omegalil will face Cyberium Seed and Team Unique will battle against Team Khan. 

The upper bracket also includes two thrilling series. Ninjas in Pyjamas are all set to face Cyber Legacy and HellRaisers will fight against Natus Vincere. 

Current Conditions of the event

Omega League Immortal European region is about to end its group stages. Team Nigma and Evil Geniuses lead group A with a difference of 2 points only. However, Team Secret and Team OG dominate group B. The play-in stage had to occur today. Alliance moves forward from the play-in stage phase, beating FlyToMoon in an epic 2-1 series. Team Liquid will face 5men on Tuesday to officially end the group stages and play-in stage. The winner of the series moves to the lower bracket round of the playoffs and will face Virtus Pro. 

The upper bracket round starts on 3rd September where Team Nigma faces Team OG and Team Secret battles against Evil Geniuses. The losers will drop to the lower bracket and winners will proceed to the upper bracket final. 

The Omega League brought a lot of exciting matches. World-class teams fought against each other to finish the group stages. The last phase of the event is ready and fans are anxiously waiting for a final winner. The minor glitch of the servers caused trouble and the organizers had to postpone a series. However, the event is going great so far and producing some world-class plays. We are hoping for a quick fix of the servers by Valve before the next series at Omega League.