One of the best Russian Dota 2 professional players, Alexander ‘Flow’ Sazonov passed away due to cancer. Flow gave a hard fight throughout this tenure. He battled with cancer for two years. Throughout his professional Dota 2 career, Flow chose Offlane as his favorite weapon. He appeared in professional organizations like Double Dimension and Vega Squadron. 

In 2018, Double Dimension had Flow conquering its offlane. During this year, the professional diagnosed Cancer at the age of 23. Multiple recoveries hit the star throughout these years. However, none of them were enough. The star eventually left the world on Wednesday, 30th September 2020. Fans wouldn’t forget his two and a half years of battle. 

The official news of his death came out through a Tweet by B8 esports. The post confirmed the death of the player.

Flow’s VK Fanpage

The fan page of Flow on VK gave the last news about his health in August. According to that news, Flow recovered a lot till early August. After undergoing some health tests, Flow got to know about Cancer coming back more aggressively. To prevent further growth of the disease, Flow started going through Chemotherapy. As he progressed throughout time, he developed stomatitis during his course. 

The last experiences he shared on VK showed how he went through recovery. However, the star lost the battle and left the world on the 30th. His recovery was not enough to stop the Cancer to grow rapidly. The disease spread in his body to the point where the star couldn’t resist anymore.

His last post on VK confirms his passing on that very day. The post says that Sasha left us this morning. He fought really hard against the disease and didn’t give up until the end. He believed that he could defeat the disease and come back stronger. 

Flow’s Fans

Flow’s fans are heart-broken as they post their feelings on Twitter about losing the star too early. The CIS region is full of Tweets regarding his death. The fans also post their condolences to the player’s family and friends. 

Dota 2 Community

After the loss of such a star, the Dota 2 community has paid a tribute to him. The whole community expressed how deeply the news hit them. The community also paid compassion for his family due to a big loss. The CIS community posted the most heartbreaking comments about his death as they lost one of their own guys. 

It is a sad day for Dota 2 as losing a young star hurts a lot. His passing makes us realize how short life is and how we take it for granted. During the difficult times, we offer the deepest condolences to Flow’s family and friends. 

Although Flow is not here with us anymore, his best plays and fans’ love is going to stay here forever. Dota 2 once again sadly witnessed a big loss. The professional player will definitely be missed.