7. Demand and Supply:

Quick buy. Quick sell. Dota 2 provides full refund if item purchased is sold withing 10 seconds. So why not to abuse this ? If you buy a ring of regen (Cost 325 gold) from a side shop, sell it after keeping it for 9 sec, you’ll heal your self without spending even single dime. You can also consider ring of health, Sage’s Mask, void stone etc. Timing should be managed efficiently and your laning phase will be smoother. Certainly better than asking for tangos/going back to base/courier usage for heals.

8. Sway the Attack :

This trick is also pretty well-known. Change the tower’s attack target by right clicking your creeps or your allies or your illusions. The tower will redirect its attack towards the unit. It allows you to tower dive and kill. It also allows you to get a break in climax moments and health critical moments.

9. Toggle and piss:

The Basilius / Aquila micro management can be very helpful to mid heroes in the initial farming phase. Toggle the ring of basilius on/off during normal/last hits of the enemy. It will throw him off his game and make him miss most of his attempts to last hit while pissing him off. Once you switch on Basilius or Aquila ring, it gives 2 armor, which means +10.7 % physical damage reduction for a ranged creep. So it means if that creep has 60 HP, it will take 67 damage to die. In initial phase when damage is low, this can really make difference for last hits.

10. Switching the Treads:

 Switching your power treads to manage mana, attack damage, attack speed , health can be very helpful in your overall laning and ganking phase. If you make this a second nature, you’ll have better survival chances in lane.

  • STR — When being attacked / harrased
  • INT — When casting a spell
  • AGI — When regenerating health or mana
  • Primary attribute — Offensive mode/Attacking/Pushing.

11. My Last Words:

 Use quick buy function, select your next item and place it in your quick buy area. If you are about to die, immediately press quick buy your item. However, if you do not have sufficient items, consider buying couple of TPs to save your gold before you die.  However, if you are saving gold for buy back, then DO NOT do this.

12. Keep Your Ears Open:

Invisible hero detection can be a real pain in the ass. You need to spend lots of gold on sentries, dust and gem etc. However, if you focus and practice, some heroes say some specific lines when any invisible heroes are nearby. For example, ursa says “Enemy is here” when there is some invisible hero nearby. You need to focus on different lines uttered by different heroes.