As Valve released Patch 7.27 for Dota 2, multiple short patches followed. Recently, Valve released 7.27c which brought some much-needed hero nerfs in the game. Most of the fans demanded some changes in the heroes and Valve has delivered them.

Patch 7.27c

A few weeks ago Valve launched the Dota 2 Patch 7.27 which included massive changes in items and gameplay. Valve also included some new items to the game in the previous patch. However, this new patch brings changes to the heroes. Valve observed the patch for weeks and figured which heroes stood strong throughout. This new patch actually focused on multiple heroes nerfs. Some of them received a little change while others got a prominent difference. The Patch 7.27c changed Blood Seeker, Chaos Knight, Broodmother, Razor, Clinkz, Underlord, and Spectre.


The new patch has totally changed Underlord. One of the most famous heroes of the previous patch who provided Aura from a long distance and tanking a lot of team fights has gone through a massive nerf. His Atrophy Aura radius got reduced from 1200 to 900. Similarly, his Pit of Malice cast range got reduced from 750 to 675, and the Firestorm cast range reduced from 750 to 675 as well. This means that Underlord can no longer cast spells from a long distance and stay out of the battle area, providing his Aura. Now, he will have to get a little closer to get into the action. 


Another hero who went through changes in Patch 7.27c is Bloodseeker. Although Bloodseeker didn’t go through any certain buff or nerf, his changes are rather more about timings and the progression of the hero. The only buff that Bloodseeker received in this new patch is improving the Thirst creep kill. Now, Bloodseeker receives a thirst of 8/12/16/20% from the previous, 6/9/12/15%. 


Clinkz has gone through a rapid nerf as well. Valve has nerfed almost every aspect of the hero. Valve reduced his Searing Arrows’ damage. Also his health and Death Pact’s damage, and his Strafe’s speed. The hero got so many nerf due to his previous popularity in the game.


Out of all the nerfs in the patch, Razor is the only hero who received a significant buff. He got a new movement speed of 285 without the boots. Also, intelligence and agility got improved too. Similarly, he becomes more dangerous as his Storm Surge increased from 8/12/16/20% to 12/16/20/24%.

Other Changes

Apart from all the nerfs and buffs, minor changes to some heroes have also been done. Broodmother’s Spiders got reworked to make them less magic-resistant but not weak. A little buff to Chaos Knight’s overall armor and a minor nerf to Spectre’s Desolate. 

This new patch brought so many little changes. Although this patch is not a game-changer, it still is very significant.