The year 2020 has been a blast for Dota 2 fans. Plenty of tournaments each month, brought so much to the fans that the pro scene is now on a break. There are not many tournaments in July as pro teams have decided to take a one month break from the pro scene as well. Besides this, the TI 10 prize pool rapidly grows. Yesterday, it touched the $27 Million USD mark. The fact that nobody knows when the TI is, it is mindblowing that the prize pool has already reached the sky and who knows how much it will grow. 

Patch 7.27a

After the successful run of 7.27, Valve decided to release a small new patch to modify some of the unbalanced items. Besides the hero modifications, this patch only brought changes in two items. 

Helm of the Dominator

A very famous item Helm of the Dominator got reworked in the new patch. The item is used to convert a non-friendly unit to a friendly one. Also, it provides some passive abilities. Valve has reworked the item in the new patch and it now gives +25 Damage to the creep you convert and the recipe for the item now costs +250 Gold. As a matter of fact, the item got nerfed in this short patch due to its popularity in the previous patch. 

Helm of the Dominator is mostly used in the early games as the item is not so much expensive and can be used to push the structures. Although the nerf it received will definitely reduce its popularity. The damage reduction of creep from 40 to 25 is really annoying. Also, the recipe makes the item more expensive than before. It can be said that the item will fade away with a matter of time and every player will think twice about going for it in the early game.

Monkey King Bar

Another item got reworked in the Patch 7.27A. Although it’s not a big change, it’s worth mentioning. The previous patch changed Monkey King Bar completely and it was such a good deal in less money that its purchase rate touched the skies. It came as no surprise that Valve added a +350 Gold recipe for the item. However, it doesn’t look like such a big change as a lot of carriers will queue for the item in the early stages. 

Valve changed the item completely and added a new item for its build. As it provided a lot of damage and was way cheaper than Daedalus. A lot of players spammed it in the early game to gain a decent advantage over the enemies. Valve has finally nerfed the item in case of gold but the stats are exactly the same as before. 

We can expect further changes in the game as Patch 7.27 will bring many more things to the fans, in the upcoming weeks. Let’s see what Valve gives us in terms of heroes.