Natus Vincere is done with the current performance of the team in each tournament. The ‘unsatisfactory results’ for Navi crossed limits for the company. The organization took notice and moved most of its players to an inactive roster. This shuffle is also done on Navi’s coach. He is also not serving the team right now, as he moves to the inactive squad. 

The old Squad

Navi has completely changed the roster so far. Only two old players are left in the team. However, the team is going to find a new approach to hire the professionals to fill in the void. Fans are excited and waiting for Navi to disclose the information as soon as possible.

Navi at Omega League

Navi performed poorly at the Omega League Dota 2. The team dropped from the Immortal Division of the tournament to Divine. The team lost an epic series to Cyber Legacy which pushed Navi to the Divine division. After the tournament, Navi finally realises and makes a roster change. To do so, Navi has first put Vladyslav ‘Crystallize’ Krystanek, Pavel ‘9Pasha’ Khvastunov, and Nikita ‘youngG’ Bochko to the inactive squad. This news is now official and Navi will release the list of newcomers very soon.

Navi’s Coach

The formal Navi player Andrey ‘Mag’ Chipenko coached the team throughout the difficult times. From the last two years, Mag started coaching the team he used to play with. Right now, Navi moved Mag to the inactive roster as well. Along with the new players, Navi will announce its new coach as well. 

Current Roster of the team

The team still has two former players in it. Illias ‘Illias’ Ganeev and Alexander ‘Immersion’ Hmelevskoy are still the members of Navi. The team didn’t change the previous captain so far. Immersion is still leading the squad. However, Navi hasn’t made it sure that the new squad will also play under the same captaincy or he might also go to the inactive squad. 

Navi’s new strategy

Navi is planning very strategically for its new squad. According to xaoc, Navi is assembling a list of players that are ready to play for the team. Navi will keep on trying players in different tournaments to witness the performance by each player. Those who performed constantly will definitely join the official squad of Navi. 

Xaoc also says that Navi is going to take months to complete the procedure of new hiring. As the team decides to select the players who continuously impress, Navi will need quite a long time to observe the consistent performance. In this difficult time, Navi requests the fans to keep patience and provide all the support as the team will come back. In this difficult process, Navi is expecting the biggest support ever. 

Navi is open to professionals for the upcoming months. Those who impressed the organization with consistent performance will definitely join the official squad.