“The International” is the most prestigious tournament for Dota 2. Throughout the year, several teams win tournaments to grab some points in order to make it to the International. Valve invites the top teams at the end of each season to compete against each other for the biggest prize pool. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Valve announced the cancellation of the International 10 that triggered impatience among the fans but the International Battle Pass 10 brought some relief.

With every single Battle Pass being bought, an amount of money goes to the prize pool of the International. This year, Valve declares that within one month, the prize pool has reached $20 million USD and it is definitely going to beat the previous record. 

Previous Records

The prize pool for the most important tournament of the year for Dota 2, The International, breaks the record each year. Each year’s tournament prize pool has broken the record of the previous years. Currently, the TI9 prize pool holds the record of being the highest of all time but the TI10 still has time and can easily beat it. At first, Valve launched the Battle Pass and the TI10 prize pool was just $500,000 ahead of the previous one. Later, with the release of the new promotions in the Battle Pass, the TI10 prize pool gained a 20 days lead on the TI9 prize pool. Similarly, if we talk about the TI8 then this year is way ahead of it. If this year’s prize pool kept growing at this pace, it definitely will break the previous year’s record and might cross the $40 million figure. If it did so, a new record will be set for the Esports for having the biggest prize pool ever.

This achievement will remarkable for Valve considering the current pandemic situation.

The TI10 Battle Pass

The TI10 Battle Pass is providing remarkable results to Valve as the prize pool is touching the skies. Also, Valve released the first Battle Pass bundle to boost up the prize pool even more. The new Battle Pass bundle was released two days ago and will expire on 29th June 2020. The bundle especially contains 120 battle levels as well as 18 Immortal Treasures from I to III. This bundle has doubled the rate of sale of the Battle Pass as it gave too many things in just $29.99. 

Valve is producing new ways to boost up the prize pool for the TI10 as it promises to release the second bundle with more cosmetics. Most of the people criticized the organization for lacking it in the first place. The second bundle will definitely help to boost up the prize pool and surpassing the last year’s $34 Million. 

The fans totally get how they can contribute towards esports and make the biggest prize pool ever happen. Valve has prepared the perfect strategy for that and this year’s prize pool has a lot better chances to set a record.