Valve finally makes the wait over for the fans and releases the Immortal Treasure III for Battle Pass 10. Fans and multiple players made several guesses about the treasure III before its release. This time, Valve took a little more time to release the Treasure III, due to its slow development output in the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the Immortal Treasure III is finally out and you can check it out anytime. 

Immortal Treasure III

The new Immortal Treasure III brings a lot of new skins and cosmetics for different Dota 2 heroes. The list of heroes includes Pugna, Treant Protector, Oracle, Gyrocopter, Clockwerk, and Lich. Not just the skins and cosmetics, Valve has also released numerous animations for each of the heroes mentioned above. The best animation in the Treasure III is for Lich so far, according to us. However, you can always have a different opinion. The Treasure III comes with a lot of other surprises too.

Rare Rewards

Besides all the items and skins, Valve has pretty cool surprises for the fans in the new Treasure. With each Treasure opening, a player gets an increasing number of chances to receive a rare reward of 50 Battle Pass Levels. There are rare skins for heroes as well. A very rare golden version of Pugna is highly likable. Moreover, the ultra-rare Phoenix wings are everyone’s dream. In the new Treasure, players also have a rare chance of having the Emblem of Divinity. 

During this final phase of Battle Pass, each Battle Pass holder can purchase up to two bundles of 60 levels. This purchase can be done at a 30% discount. 

Battle Pass 10 Deadline extended

With the release of the Immortal Treasure III, Valve also revealed the new deadline for the Battle Pass 10. Previously, the deadline for Battle Pass got an extension due to the server issues in the Southeast Asian region. A lot of fans pushed Valve to extend the deadline for another two weeks. However, this time, Valve decides to give three more weeks to the fans. The new official deadline for Battle Pass 10 is October 9th, 2020. Fans have complained about a lot of things lately. The issues like poor quality of skins and issues with the wagering system, pushed Valve to extend the deadline, even more. 

Arcana Vote

Valve has also confirmed that the Arcana Vote outcome will come on the same date, Battle Pass expires. Therefore, on October 9th, fans will know which hero finally managed to win the Arcana voting. Spectre and Faceless Void made it to the finals of the voting. Valve has also released a teaser for the Arcana winner. According to the teaser, a purple melee carry that can travel long distances with ease. However, both finalists are of purple color and can travel long distances with a spell. Moreover, we can assume that Spectre will win the Arcana voting. As the teaser for the winner by Valve suits Spectre, a little more.