Singaporean Dota 2 team, Fnatic, witnesses a roster change today as Iceiceice and Eyyou decide to leave. As the contract of Iceiceice expires with Fnatic, he decides not to extend it any further. With his exit, the recently hired Nico ‘Eyyou’ Barcelon also decides to leave the roster. 

Iceiceice with Fnatic

Iceiceice played for two years with Fnatic. During this time, Fnatic managed to defeat a lot of world-class teams and secure big titles. The organization revealed that during the break, Iceiceice gained interest in playing Dota 2 from another region. Following this news, fans are predicting that the South Asian legend, almost 30 years old now, will be moving overseas once again. Fans are excited for Iceiceice to reveal the new server, the legend wants to play. 

The Singaporean legend might move to the Chinese region. As he had successful works with the Chinese teams like EHOME, Vici Gaming, and Team DK.

Reunion with Jabz?

A lot of predictions are being made about the reunion of Iceiceice with Jabz. Fnatic released Jabz just one week ago before it confirmed the news of the Singaporean Offlaner as well. The whole community knows how much Iceiceice admires Jabz’s plays. The Singaporean has repeatedly praised the Thai support, Jabz, on his streams. This is not just it, and Iceiceice and Jabz have played together for four years and with three different organizations. Iceiceice has all the chances to settle under the Chinese region. His recent teammate 23Savage also moved to the Chinese squad, VC Gaming. Right now, Iceiceice has an uncertain path, and fans are predicting the possible ways.

Fnatic and Eyyou

As Iceiceice decides to leave Fnatic, the recently hired captain of the team, Eyyou also parted ways with the team. This departure is also done with mutual agreement. Fnatic tried the hard-support captain, Eyyou, for a week. The team entered the recent series of Dota 2, Beyond the Summit Pro Series 3, with a new squad and captain. However, Fnatic came out unlucky and lost all games. Therefore, Fnatic decides to reevaluate the current roster of the team and make the possible and desired changes. 

Changed Roster

Fnatic is now missing two professionals to compete in the tournaments. The captain and the legendary offlaner decide to leave Fnatic. However, both positions have received stand-ins already. The Korean Offlaner, Sangdon ‘Forev’Lee will replace Iceiceice. Forev has already played with Fnatic before. He played as a stand-in with Fnatic in the ESL One Thailand. The team is also lacking the position-five player. To do so, the former Geek Fam player Kenny ‘Xepher’ Deo is joining the team. With both positions in place, Fnatic is now all set to go out and participate again. 

Iceiceice spent two years with Fnatic. During his stay with the team, Fnatic conquered a lot of big titles. However, as the contract ends this time and Fnatic goes totally out of form, Iceiceice decides to leave the team and look forward to a new region in Dota 2.