There are times when we can’t understand why we go on a horrific losing streak. What we don’t know is our brain is too focused on having a win rather than thinking of ways how to win.

Don’t you wonder why when you’re sick or sleepy; your performance is not as good as how you really play? Not being able to think properly is the main reason for this.

Get enough rest

    When you’re sleepy, sleep (if you have nothing important to do). Then just play when you wake up. Forcing yourself to play when tired will result not having focus. You would also be emotional destroying your game totally.

Plan, plan and plan

    Never stop planning. From early to late game you should be having plans. You should plan how you’d be stable on your lane, you should plan how to attack in ganking, you should plan how to fight in team clash, and more. That makes you have directions on your game.

Predict and counter

    Predict the deadliest thing the opponents can do and have the best counter for it. Your opponents may not think of it but you’re ready whenever he does that. Moreover, you can easily counter them when they do weaker attacks on you, expecting them to be deadlier.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

    Keep in mind where you, your team and your heroes are good and bad at. It is always important to know yourself and your team totally. You would know which strategies can fit or not. You can have better plays if you maximize your strengths and you can do something to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses

    • Aside from yourself, you should also know your opponents totally. You would be able to have a plan on countering their strengths like picking heroes or farming items to counter them. Most importantly, you can play by their weaknesses. Nothing is much easier than taking advantage of the opponents weaknesses. It’s like playing other RPG games where the master usually has weak spots, most of the time it’s their belly, foot, and mouth. You know that to beat that Master you should find a way to hit their weak spots that are often hidden.


    You have several things to think about when playing and laziness to think is not an option in this game. I regret playing when I cannot think properly because I know I can do better. Losing is not bad. You learn from your mistakes and from your opponents. The bad kind of losing is not doing everything you can to win. And the worst part is, not doing your very best because you were lazy to think.