Have you spent time alone, watching replays, thinking of strategies, or doing last hitting drills? Did you want to sleep out of boredom while doing these things?

If yes, you’re not alone. Most people want to play rather than practice. The main reason for this is lack of discipline.

Practice like you are the worst player

    • One of the factors that is important in having discipline is humility. Pride keeps on telling us: “Why bother practicing when, in fact, this is just a simple game?” After we lost a game, we can’t accept it because we’re too proud. We need to practice whatever field we’re into.


    • When we practice but we think we’re already the best, we won’t be more curious to discover better tactics. We will be limited to our old play style and I bet these play styles we have now still got a lot of rooms for improvement.


    • Practicing like you’re the worst player ever, makes you feel that you need to learn every little lessons you can learn from a replay or from your drills. This won’t make you sleepy because you are interested in what you’re doing.


    After this kind of practice, I am certain that you learned a lot rather than having a prideful practice.

Perform like you are the best

    • In actual games, you should be confident. You cannot afford having fear and negative thoughts on your mind. From your previous practices, you have learned a lot and now you’re confident that you have tons of secret weapons.


    Lebron James, though he’s considered to be a superstar, trains a lot. People even call it ‘torturing himself’. Then, when he plays, you can see how confident he is and now people are considering him cocky.

While practicing, be very keen. Observe and analyze everything. Try to acquire as many strategies and skills as you can. When playing, be confident because you are now equipped with new things from your humble practice making you have advantages over your opponents.


Source: Dotafire.com