Valve has recently released Collector’s Cache II for Dota 2 and fans are more than happy. The organization eventually released the Cache after working on its functionality thoroughly. As of Cache I, a lot of players represented their concerns about Valve removing this cache from the scene. Due to the Battle Pass timeline, professionals assumed that Cache II will not be coming soon. However, Valve made Cache II live for all the players to grab for a certain time. 

Cache Volume II

The new Cache II came out with a lot of new exciting item sets. The pirate-themed Sniper is super fine and one of the favorites among the fans. Similarly, Octopus faced Tidehunder is really creative and different. There are several other item sets that fans are happy with. The rarities are also extremely fine in the new Cache II. You can grab three kinds of Rare sets in cache II. The rare set for Templar Assassin is really nice. The helmet and the long hair with it give the hero a little bit more intimidating look. 

You can also put your hands on a very rare set of Faceless Void. The green helmet with a green weapon has changed the way the hero looked. The set has also changed the animation of the Chrono of Faceless Void. Lastly, an Ultra rare set of Legion Commander is available for players as well. The long mythical wings at the back of Legion provides a terrorized look of the hero. There are no new animations for LC but the set is better than any other in the Cache. 

Pricing and Levels

The Collection Cache II is available in the market for $2.49 for players to buy. There are a total of 17 treasures available. However, players can only purchase 14 at maximum. For buying and unboxing all of the 14 treasures, players will automatically receive 34 Battle Pass Levels. With each opening, a player makes in Cache II, the chances of opening a bonus rare item increases. As usual, Valve unchanged the rule of recycling the unwanted sets. If you recycle a set that you don’t want, you will receive two additional Battle Pass Levels. Similarly, each purchase of the Cache II will contribute 25% of its value to the International’s prize pool.


The Collector’s Cache II will only be available for a limited time. Valve set a deadline for the cache to be for the next thirty days. We are not sure about the extension of the deadline as Valve extended it for the Cache I. The Ultra-rare item set for Legion Commander is the only set that will be available in the market in the future for players. However, one thing is confirmed by Valve and that is the date of this item set coming out in the market. Valve claims that this Ultra-rare set for LC will not go live for the general public before the International 11.