Dota 2 got a lot more than vacuuming and bug extermination with its Spring Cleaning 2018 patch, which Valve dropped on Thursday. This update, officially the 7.08 patch, saw plenty of bug fixes and gameplay changes, of course. However, while the Dota 2 client was already overhauled as recently as 2015, Valve took this opportunity to bring a lot of features up to date.

With in-game UI additions, some changes to custom games and a profile that leans towards a Dotabuff feel, it seems Valve is trying to refine their all-around experience, especially as more competitive games create a more competitive market. Plus, with the every-two-weeks patches coming up, players are going to peek in more frequently to see how the meta will shift, and Valve needs to have a welcoming experience to keep them coming back.

There are a lot of small details to take in, so we’ve summed up some of the more important changes that you’ll likely run into.


We’ll be meta first, as this patch finally brings… well, alerts about patches. It seems redundant, as players are often left frustrated at Dota’s giant Steam updates, so wouldn’t they know? Still, unless players were staring at their Notifications tab in the upper right-hand corner, which is extremely small — or unless Valve made a big deal out of the update, per Dueling Fates — the actual content of updates was hard to catch.

Now, Valve’s made it easier to figure out what’s been affected, which will be necessary with the increased frequency of patches announced this week.

The Learn tab lit up with this week’s update, directing players to a full gameplay changelog. It actually is much more visually informational than the browser version, including not only the pictures of the heroes that are altered, but the ability icons of such heroes as well.

If players enter a match without this knowledge, fear not: Valve has also added in-game tips for these scenarios. In the drafting screen, if the hero you are considering playing has changes, the drafting bar on top of the screen will show a small alert regarding recent changes.

Obviously, you can’t see the drafting screen the whole game, which means you may have some trouble remembering these changes once things take off. No worries, because Valve also put these changes in the ability descriptions.