In the years since 2015’s Reborn update, which brought Dota 2 into Valve’s Source 2 engine, players have lamented the loss of their profile’s “featured heroes” tidbit. It allowed players to show off their favorite heroes — or, at least, the one with the nicest hats they were willing to share. Thankfully, this feature has been reborn, and you can show off your Immortals once again.

But this profile re-addition comes with a few other neat updates that makes understanding a Dota player’s history better. This especially includes better visualization of statistics, including “Most Successful Hero,” the player’s “All-Hero Challenge” status and a quick, minimalist “Recent Matches” bar.

Another feature missed by players, this time with the 7.00 update, was the loss of loading screens. With this patch, you can equip these as backgrounds to your profile.


Fans of old mod-friendly games such as Warcraft III will find delight in the way Valve has altered the “Arcade” section, where custom games live. The front “Overview” page has opted out of showing an array of top and featured games, in favor of displaying a list of global open lobbies for all games, not just the top ones. Instead of picking a game, queuing into a lobby and hoping for the best, you can choose a game that people are actuallylooking to play at that moment.

There are also improved tweaks for developers hosting the games. For one, devs now have the option to punish abandons, queue leavers and AFKers in their games, and are given the tools to do so. Devs can also rejoice for one more degree of developer support, as all custom games are granted dedicated servers by default. (Sadly, we’re not yet sure how the two-week patch system will make or break their games.)


Going into a match with your friends can be hectic, but Valve’s added some small features to make the party life easier. For starters, the in-game Friends list will also prioritize friends who have actually played Dota recently, instead of mushing your Dota friends in with the ones who’ve jumped ship for Counter-Strike. Also, anyone in the party can now invite friends—no more harassing your party leader, who probably stepped away to take a leak or grab a drink.

Speaking of going AFK, if you want to make sure everyone’s not in another room, you have the option to prompt a “Ready Check” for your party. This makes sure everyone in your party is actually there to hit the “Accept” button and avoid a queue ban for everyone.

If you’re a six-stack type of player, they’ve fixed some Coaching features as well. Your frantic pinging and scribbling will finally be of use, as Valve claims to have fixed many of the notification and assistance bugs. However, the enemy may still be able to see what you’re saying, according to some users.


Of course, there are plenty of other small tweaks in the game that make the Dota 2 experience better. Some of these are in the client, while many are within the game itself, elevating the Dota 2 experience in subtle ways.

Here are some of the neat details that have been thrown in with this update:

  • A revamped “Last Hit Trainer” training mode, now with score-keeping and a few nifty stats.
  • Tournament streams for Dota Pro Circuit events are now shown on the front page of the client.
  • The minimap provides more information. When a teammate dies, they will appear as a skull. It also shows what level neutral creeps are.
  • “Ability icons now show a progress overlay for cast points once the button is pressed” — in other words, the ability icon will show how far into your ability’s cast animation you are.
  • Commends will now notify the commended player of such, including the commender’s name, a small boost to reward kindness in-game.
  • “The new player pick restriction has been changed from a Limited Set of heroes to pick from to all heroes except those few who have a very high complexity rating.” — This is indicated by the three diamonds under a hero’s icon in a draft screen.


Source: Theflyingcourier