Diretide is one of the most famous and loved Dota 2 event which comes back after seven years. It is a spooky festival for the Dota inhabitants where Roshan asks for sweets to feed on. However, for the players, this event is nothing less than Christmas. 

Dropped Player Count

As Valve released the International Battle Pass 10 in April, the MOBA game is facing a significant decrease in the player count. Dota 2 is going through almost 90,000 average players each month. This player count is very low for a famous game like Dota. According to the official Steam Charts, the game has covered around 408,609 average players. Similarly, the game has witnessed a peak of 670,547 players in September only. This player count has been decreasing since April and finally, Diretide has done something. 

Player Count with Diretide

The drop in player count continued with October as well. The final numbers for the average players in October came out as 406,361. However, as Valve released Diretide, things got different. The Dota 2 peak player count increased to 723,280 just after the release of the event. Similarly, 50,000 more players played Dota 2 as compared to the previous month.


Valve released Diretide with astonishing gameplay and looks on the map. The organization revamps the 2012 and 13’s Diretide very carefully to provide the better version. However, the candy stealing shenanigans remain the same and players can still enjoy the same objectives. Similarly, the game provides a complete feel of a real Dota 2 match as all the heroes remain the same. The map contains two lanes with Roshan resting in the mid. The textured map looks amazing with Roshan roaming around, asking for candy. 

The event also focuses on rewarding the players too much. Valve released tons of cosmetics with the release of the event to follow it. The developers managed to release dozens of amazing cosmetics right after the end of the Battle Pass. These cosmetics provide the sense and feel of the Halloween event. These rewards also contain multiple sets equal to some of the Immortals and Arcanas in the game. 

End Date

Diretide event is scheduled to end on the 22nd of December 2020. As the players got plenty of time, the hype of the event will go away in a short time for sure. Right now, the event is very famous in the game and deliberately increases the player count in the game. As the event finishes, most of the Halloween effects in the game will disappear as well. It is amazing to witness Valve pushing the limits to regain the lost player count in Dota 2. With events like Diretide, Dota can regain the lost players as the game is becoming more toxic every day. Similarly, Valve is trying to remove cheating and smurfs in the game to provide a better game environment to the players.