Just after one day, 4AngryMen reports its official final roster, the team already lacks one of the professionals, Sylar. Liu ‘Sylar’ Jiajun has a long professional record in Dota 2. His joining in the official roster came as a surprise to the whole team as well as to the fans. As the predictions said that the former Vici Gaming player, Zhang ‘Eurus’ Chengjun, would join the roster. The star is famously known as Paparazzi.

A Reddit Post

The rest of the squad of 4AngryMen was unaware of the joining of the new star. According to a Reddit post by yjygwzs, the players at 4AngryMen, Lu ‘Somnus’ Yao, Xu ‘fy’ Linsen, Ru ‘RedPanda’ Zhihao, and Zhou ‘Yang’ Haiyang, were unaware of the joining of Sylar and took it as a complete surprise. 

The post also says that like everyone else, the whole squad of 4AngryMen was looking forward to having Eurus join the official roster. Despite the whole payment issue going down between 4AngryMen and Vici Gaming, the team was looking forward to this transfer. The former transfer of Fy from Vici Gaming went down the road as 4AngryMen backed out. Some of the rumors still tell us that the transfer payment of $260,000 is still in the pipeline between Vici Gaming and 4AngryMen.

Teamwork by 4AngryMen

The Reddit post also claims that the whole squad didn’t know about the plans of the organization to sign Sylar for the missing member. The squad instantly kicks the outsider within one day of his joining. All four players of 4AngryMen also decide to cut their salaries for a short time until the organization has the money to pay for the transfer of Eurus from Vici Gaming. As the squad kicks out Sylar, 4AngryMen removes any official statement about the completion of the roster. 

Fans are not happy about this uncertain decision of the organization. The immediate removal of Sylar and not hiring Eurus in the first place creates a matter for fans to talk about. 

Fans Reaction

The fans of 4AngryMen are not happy with the current decision by the organization. One of the fans’ posts on Weibo says that, if the organization has really kicked Sylar from the roster, it doesn’t matter anymore which player joins the team now. The team will be a shame to the official Dota 2 circle. The poor management of the organization speaks for itself. 

However, this move by the organization is not a surprise for the community as Eurus is one of the best carry players in China. 

Liu ‘Sylar’ Jiajun

Sylar is a legendary Dota 2 professional Chinese player who has underperformed for quite some time in the past. He spent his last few years with Team Aster and EHOME. He has also been involved in multiple issues with his former team members from VG, Aster, and PSG.LGD.

The official announcement of Sylar going out of the team is still pending. However, the Reddit post confirms his removal.