Valve has finally replied to the fans’ requests and released the Diretide event for Dota 2 after seven years. The Diretide event is available worldwide and players from any region can play it. The limited-time game mode is one of the most famous Dota 2 events in history. The game mode last came out in 2013 and since then, fans are requesting Valve to release it again. The event holds a legendary position in the game. Diretide also comes with its own trailer that plays when the game is launched. 

As most of us already know that Dota 2 is dropping player count for the last few months. Valve took the right step by bringing back the old event at this very moment to bring the veterans of the game back.

How to play Diretide?

Diretide is a game mode in which players have to collect as many candies as they can. Every player deposits the candies in the team basket and at the end of the round, the team with more taffy in the basket wins. Similarly, the game moves exactly like the normal match of Dota 2. All heroes possess the same abilities and combos. Moreover, the players also need to feed Roshan as he can attack you if you don’t give him the candy count he wants. If Roshan doesn’t get enough candy, he curses your team which gradually deals with damage to the whole team.

The game brings a lot of new changes from the previous event. The gameplay and strategies remain the same. However, Valve has changed the reward winning criteria for this event and players can win a lot by playing Diretide.

Hallowed Chest Diretide

Valve introduced a Hallowed Chest in the event which can give you multiple rewards. However, as you purchase this chest, you need to purchase the key to open it as well. The chest includes around 40 sets and you can get any set you want. These sets are also tradeable as Valve provides you the trading option within the game. Therefore, you can purchase, sell, and trade-up items in the game now. 

Diretide Points

A player can also earn the points by playing the Diretide event or the normal match. You can win around 75 in-game cosmetics by receiving these points. As you reach a high level of points, you can regain them to get the exclusive sets. The event is going to be live until the 22nd of December. Therefore, there is a lot of time to get your hands on these points and earn the sets. 

As a player hits the 1000 points mark, he can get the Roshan’s many rewards. These rewards also include the Diretide chest in it. 

Valve has made the right decision to bring back the most-wanted event in Dota 2. Players are really happy with the organization and Dota 2 starts receiving more audiences once again. The new update is more than 1GB as it brings a completely new dashboard and an event to the game.