Just like yesterday, two lower bracket teams went head to head with each other at the DreamLeague Major today. The first series of the day was played between EG and NiP, these two teams had a lot in common. While the second series was between Chaos and Virtus.Pro. So, let’s get straight to the series and see what happened and how it happened.

Series One – Game One

Chen, Shadow Shaman and Lycan gave NiP their typical pushing start against their opponent. Timbersaw was the most ineffective character in the game and raised some eyebrows when was picked earlier. However, EG responded with a fighting lineup which always describe their playing style.

CR1T’s Earth Spirit gave Team EG a more active start early in the game who was almost all around the map. Though Timbersaw’s lane is hard to beat, but the active rotations by Earth Spirit gave NA powerhouse to get a hold of the top lane.

NiP had pushed to some towers early in the game but as the game proceeded their tactics started to backfire because they failed to capitalize on the team fights. Above all, Team EG’s cores worked their way to the top lane giving them a meaningful advantage over NiP making their tasks tougher, even split pushing by ppd and his team didn’t worked and Game One was easily won by Evil Geniuses.

Series One – Game Two

In the next game, EG were quick onto picking Earth Spirit for CR1T, while NiP looked to change their strategy by building a team around Huskar, they looked for a team-fight sort of a lineup instead of going for a pushing based game. It helped NiP in the first 10 minutes but a muddled fight in the 13thminute of the game won by EG set the pace of the game in favor of them.

A slow and steady movement made the two cores of NA powerhouse look dangerous. EG was all over the map and they never gave NiP a chance of a comeback. EG advanced into the next round of the event courtesy their 2-0 win against NiP but they have also guaranteed their direct invitation for The International 2019 alongside Team Secret and VP by securing the required DPC points.

Series Two – Game One

On the paper it seemed like a battle between David and Goliath but the motivation of Chaos Esports after they had outclassed Team Liquid in the last round, things looked a little different. The South American outfit selected their team like the one they did against Team Liquid, it looked like they had practiced Omni and Ursa very much because Virtus.Pro were beaten 22 minutes into the game.

VP put pressure on Chaos right from the start but as soon as Chaos got the lead they made sure that they held it till the end giving VP no chance of a comeback. VP’s counter action plan didn’t worked and they had no other choice than to GG out.

Series Two – Game Two

A team like Virtus.Pro do not go down that easily and they showed it today when they picked Morhpling – one of No[o]ne’s signature heroes. The Ukrainian tattered the South Americans into pieces in a few minutes time. Chaos tried to pull back with Gyrocopter but failed miserably giving an impression that tempo-based lineups fail to impress if they do not start well.

Series Two – Game Three

Game three was a ripper, but the teams were all in. Not like the previous games where one team just outclassed the other, game three was a bit different. Team VP had the lead almost throughout the game but it was not an easy at all. W33ha’s Razor was the strongest till the half hour mark, but failed to carry the team to victory. Chaos in the end had no reply to the team fighting from the CIS.

There were some real fights going on around Roshan but in the end all went in the favor of VP after a buyback from Ramzess. It gave aegis to team VP and that was the biggest mistake from team Chaos. Having lost the momentum, it was just a matter of time that Chaos fell to ground against Solo and Co.