Team Liquid wheels are not going forward in a synchronized way, and it seems that they are coming off
after Kuro Salehi Takhasomi’s (KuroKy) Dota 2 team finished last at the DreamLeague major recently.
Team Liquid was up against South America’s Chaos eSports Club, who handed the former TI champions a
ticket back to home after beating them in the first round of the major. Team Liquid’s exit in such a
position still is sending shockwaves to the world.

Team Liquid were placed in Group A at the major event in Stockholm alongside Team Secret, J. Storm
and Keen Gaming. Team Liquid were off to a flying start after they shunned J. Storm in round one 2-0,
but they were sent to the brink of an exit from the tournament by Team Secret who were in red hot
from right from the start of the event.

And then it was the match up against Keen Gaming, a decider, which was to plump the future that who
would start off in the upper bracket and Team Liquid were the second best in a match against the
Chinese minions. Keen surprised Liquid 2-0 by taking advantage of a poor performance by Ivan
Borislavov Ivanon (MinD_ContRol) and a marginalized Earth Spirit game from Maroun Merhej (GH).
Though Team Liquid started in the lower bracket raising some eyebrows but they were expected to
gather themselves up and stay longer in Stockholm until they faced the fraught South American side
Chaos and were expected to outnumber them on the scorecard. Rather, they were given an astonishing
loss by the team Chaos.

William Medeiros’ (hFn) Ursa gave the team Chaos multiple kills early in the game due to some sensible
aggression and some strong farming by Aliwi Omar’s (w33) Razor. Team Chaos was built around
snowball potential but when Amer Al-Barkawi (Miracle-) could not stop an attack on him and failed to
use some of his own items, there was nothing Team Liquid could do to save the match. And just 22
minutes in the game Team Liquid were given a place at the bottom of te table with EHOME and Natus

Team Liquid’s Awkward Run of Form in 2018-19

Last year Team Liquid gave a surprise to the world by withdrawing from the DreamLeague Minor and
eventually failing to make it to the first major cycle. Even then they easily managed to qualify for the
Major at Chongqing, but then again they hadn’t had a good run at the event and finished eighth. Outside
the Pro Circuit Liquid is known to be a top level team with very strong performances against many
known opponents. And their performance at MDL Macau 2019 made us believe that they would be the
team lifting the trophy.

The reason for Liquid’s poor run of forms is still unknown. Over the last six months, Team Liquid has had
many setbacks with their longtime coach Lee Seung Gon “Heen” left the team and poor performance in
the crowded European region. Above all, it is obvious that the team is in a complex situation right now
and with only two majors remaining in the season, they need at least one big performance in a Majore
to get themselves a ticket to The International 2019. And if not, Team Liquid’s days would be considered