OG announced on Twitter about the return of Sebastien ‘Ceb’ Debs to its roster. With this news, OG also released the news about releasing Syed ‘SumaiL’ Hassan from the team. The organization posted best wishes for the player and admitted his best work and time with the team. Ceb is a highly skilled Dota 2 player. He has won several titles with OG, as a coach, and as a player. The reunion of the team comes at a very critical time. The Omega League Dota 2 starts in a few days and OG can do wonders as before. The tournament starts on August 1st and ends on September 6th. Top 10 teams in the world will participate in the tournament, including OG, Nigma, Team Secret, Alliance, NIP, Team Liquid, Virtus Pro, and Navi. 

Ceb and OG

Ceb first joined OG as a coach. During his coaching period, OG witnessed multiple successes. As he signed up for coaching, his talent flew down the team for different titles. OG won all four majors of the season, Ceb signed up for coaching. 

In 2018, OG lacked an offlaner as one of the members left the team. At that time, Ceb jumped in and played for OG as a stand-in until June. OG took no time to fill in Ceb for a permanent position in the team. As the International 2018 got closer, OG decided to hire Ceb as an offlaner in the team. This decision changed OG’s fate and the team won two back-to-back Internationals after 2018.

However, in 2020, Ceb announced that he will leave the active roster of the team. He also said that he would focus more on the internal affairs of the organization. His return as a player in the team would make a lot of fans happy for sure.

OG’s New Roster

With Sumail leaving and Ceb re-joining the team, OG is in a better position. Ceb is a more experienced and cautious player who leads his team to make several in-game decisions. With Sumail leaving Safelane position, fans are curious to know whether Ceb will fill in his position or go back to offlane. If Ceb goes back to Offlane, Topias ‘Topson’ Taavitsainen will go to the Safelane and MidOne will handle the Midlane once again. It seems simpler if Ceb just takes on all the responsibilities from Sumail to handle the Safelane. We can expect a lot of carrying shows from Ceb in the future.

The Omega League

The Omega League Dota 2 begins on 1st August 2020. 10 world-class teams from Europe and America face each other in a thrilling competition. This tournament is one-of-its-kind as it follows different criteria. Without any doubt, the Omega League is going to be the best tournament this summer for Dota 2. All teams compete for a prize pool of $550,000. The main event begins on 14th August and ends on 6th September. Two series will be played by each team in a week.