The very famous betting organization Betway, announces a 1-year collaboration with the Peruvian Dota 2 professional team, Beastcoast. The new partnership will bring a lot of new surprises for the fans. The official news of the partnership came out on the 18th of September, 2020. Along with this collaboration, Betway says that they are all set to expand their esports portfolio. The partnership is not an ordinary union like before. However, it includes jersey branding and also player access. The player access will bring fans much closer to the action. 


Beastcoast is one of the most skilled and famous North American professional Dota 2 teams. Moreover, the team has won $163.850 prize money so far. Not just this, Beascoast has also managed to win multiple big titles. Going back to April, the team sealed an epic victory against NoPing esports in the grand finals of the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online. 

The Vice President of Sales and Partnership at Beastcoast, Nick Valencia, said that we are highly excited about the new partnership with Betway as the team is ready to explore the new journeys. He also said that Beastcoast has become one of the South American teams for whom fans root during any competition. 

Support of Betway

Beastcoast will definitely become bigger as Betway becomes the official partner of the team. According to Valencia, the new partnership will help Beastcoast to reveal more content before ever, for the fans. He also said that the whole team is really excited and happy to see its fans witnessing something that has never happened before. Valencia also revealed that Beastcoast will be releasing great news about the partnership very soon. He said that the upcoming launch is just a beginning and fans should expect much more from this union. 

Betway keeps on growing

Betway continues growing its esports market throughout the year. The head of the esports at Betway, Adam Savinson, said that Beascoast is the strongest face of Dota 2 in South America and that is why Betway chose it. He also explained how Betway wishes to share its innovative approach to the esports industry. 

Betway will be hosting a show to celebrate the partnership with the esports giant. The show will include Beastcoast stars and two Dota 2 influencers. Betway will use Facebook Gaming to put the show on-air. 

Betway’s recent partnerships

Betway is growing its roots in the esports industry by investing in multiple teams. In August, Betway also made investments into the Spanish organizations. Not just esports, Betway is growing its network everywhere. In just three weeks, the organization signed partnership with three soccer teams. In May, Betway became the title sponsor of the BLAST Dota 2 Tournament. BLAST eventually listed among some of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments around the year. The prize pool for the tournament came out as $145,000.

Betway is growing rapidly with its partnership with several esports giants. The company can keep on going if it follows the same path.