In the Auto Options Part I guide, we explained how small and little options can help you out in a game of Dota 2. There are several other undiscovered Auto options which we will cover in this second part of the guide. So, let’s quickly head over to the main points.

Holding ALT Highlights Hero

  • A very handy feature for those who often lose track. With this option turned on, pressing ALT will bring up a big arrow over your hero. So one finds oneself also in confused Fights quite fast again.

Show Ability Rangefinder While Casting

  • Also a popular setting that used to be part of almost every autoexec.cfg . With this function you can display the range of the spell during normal casting. Green means “within reach”, red means “out of reach”. Highly recommended for beginners!

Dota 2

Show Player Names Over Health Bar

  • Do what it says. Have never really understood the benefits, is probably mainly for Caster / commentators interesting.

Show Hit Points Over Player Health Bar

  • Shows the current HP of the hero above the life bar. Quite handy for calculating how much damage you have to do.

Shop Always Uses Hotkeys

  • You can operate the shop with hotkeys. Because this is not really easier or faster than with a mouse, you can safely issue the command.

Colorblind fashion

  • also relatively self-explanatory. For color-blind people, red and green are sometimes not the best team colors. In colorblind mode, there are better distinguishable colors.

Quick Attack

  • That’s exactly what attacks Quickcast does with Spells. Procedure without Quick Attack: Aim with the mouse, modifier with the keyboard, execute with a mouse click.
  • With Quick Attack: Aiming with the mouse, using the modifier hotkey on the keyboard.
  • We find it convenient because we often put Attack Move commands on the floor, saving our clicks. But is probably habitual thing.
Dota 2

Credits: Valve

Smart Attack Move

  • This option changes the behavior of Attack Move, that is, A + click on the ground.
  • Normally, after an attack move, your hero would continue to attack his next target until he reaches the point selected with A + Click.
  • However, with Smart Attach Move, the hero attacks the opponent who is closest to the one selected by A + clicking.

Audio Settings

The audio settings are the least to be considered. We still want to discuss some important tweaks. To anticipate the obvious: Yes, we prefer listening to our own music. Or talk to our friends about Discord. That’s where the music bothers most of the time.

It is important in the audio settings to enable “Always use default respawn music”. Especially if the camera movement is deactivated during respawn. So, you get an acoustic signal that you can participate in the game again.

Dota 2 Warlock

Credits: DeviantArt

If you want to try as a caster, the audio settings should adapt to this setup. So you can make sure that the sound ingame is really good to hear.


We hope you liked the little overview and maybe even learned something new. Of course, the right settings are not enough for the professional alone.You should always focus on the setting you prefer the most. We wish you best of luck in you in-game adventure of Dota 2.