Dota 2 is a very complex game specially when it comes to learning the basics. However, there are some options which you can enable to improve your gameplay and learning rate. Here are the details to the vast variety of option in the in-game setting of Dota 2.

Auto attack

  • Always automatically attacks when a target is within range.
  • Advantage: Sometimes you do not react fast enough and can disallow a Blink Dagger via Auto Attack.
  • Disadvantage: In most cases, however, Auto Attack only ensures that one unintentionally reveals his position or unnecessarily pushes lanes.

Auto Attack After Spell

  • This attitude is mainly habitual thing. Allows you to set whether you want to automatically attack after a spell is cast.
  • The advantage is that you have to click less and not so fast.
  • The disadvantage is you could attack a creep instead of the enemy.
GrimStroke Dota 2

Credits: PCGamesN

Auto Purchase Items

  • Does exactly what it says. Once you have enough gold for an item in Quickbuy, it will be automatically purchased.
  • Advantage: You do not lose gold when dying and do not have to worry about shopping.
  • Disadvantage: As soon as an item is in Quickbuy the parts are bough which leaves you no money for buyback.

Auto Select Summoned Units

  • All the units you created (eg, illusions, summoneds like treants, eidolons, etc.) immediately land in your control selection. The benefit of this depends heavily on the style of play and the chosen hero.
  • Advantage: If you often plays heroes who want to have their illusions or summons in one place and always in control, such as Phantom Lancer, then it is well advised with this setting.
  • Disadvantage: we found it useful only with Phantom Lancer. Most units you want to control separately from the hero. You get a little more control with the keyboard layout 1, 2, 3 from above.
Nyx Dota 2

Credits: Yesofcorsa

Double Tap Abilities To Self Cast

  • Essential for those who do not use Quickcast. As far as I know, there is no reason not to activate this setting. (But I’m sure someone can tell me).

Special features are available at:

  • Town Portal Scroll and Most Teleport Skills (Effect: Teleport to Base)
  • Techies Suicide (effect: detonate at the current position)
  • Blink Dagger (Effect: Blink towards Home Fountain)
  • Queen of Pain Blink (Effect: Blink towards enemy Fountain)
  • (I’ve probably forgotten something)

Unified Unit Orders

  • A slightly more flexible alternative to Auto Select Summoned Units. If you have activated this option, you can give commands to all controlled units while holding down CTRL.
  • Advantage: Flexible, if you want to “give a quick” command to all units.
  • Disadvantage: We are not aware of it, unless you want to put something else on CTRL.
Abaddon Dota 2

Credits: Wallpaper Blink

Teleport Requires Stop

  • Useful for noobs like us, who are a bit too busy teleporting now and then. No particular advantages or disadvantages, just a small safety measure.

Force Right Click Attack

  • Formerly a popular setting in the autoexec.cfg , today available on the settings menu. Those who are too lazy to press the denien A can easily attack allied units with this shot.
  • Advantage: More intuitive and faster than A + Click.