Some time ago, Valve released an important update for DOTA 2, introducing its Arcade mode that allowed players to create custom maps. As a result, those who wanted to play something different than the usual DOTA 2 map had new elements to try out.

Auto Chess then, as we anticipated in the opening, is nothing but a mod out of the Arcade mode and in a few days has beaten every single record in terms of active users. It currently has over 1.8 million subscribers, of which about 1 million has given this game a 5-star rating.

What exactly is DOTA Auto Chess?

In simple words, it is an eight player PvP mode in which the players place their champions on a “chessboard” with an isometric view, as if it were – in fact – a chess game. Just like the game from which it derives, even Auto Chess mixes in a unique way the canonical ingredients of a MOBA, such as the economic component, the increase in the level of the heroes and the purchase of items.

Its sudden (and extreme) popularity, however, is due in large part to the addition of more complex elements, such as new class bonuses for heroes, hundreds of unprecedented synergies, the importance of positioning and taking care of the “pieces”, as well as an economic component of its strategy.

Pure strategies involved

Auto Chess is therefore a mixture of different genres: from pure strategic to MOBA, to a declination of the concept of “management”. An explosive mixture that has attracted above all players with a long background in card games. Why Auto Chess is strong?The reasons are many. First of all, the game mechanics “work”: it is challenging and the strategic component is predominant, thanks to hundreds of potential combinations, despite the same availability and movement of the pieces are largely influenced by chance.

The title, however, at the same time, is definitely accessible and knows how to reward the player who accepts to try the challenge. Moreover, it has taken root on a boundless area that is currently booming: the Chinese market, which is the driver of a large part of modern industry. In short, nowadays, if something works within the confines of the People’s Republic, be sure that the product will be a success in the rest of the globe. In this case, even, the grip on the players was so strong that the language barriers did not prevent Auto Chess from invading Western territories in just a few days.

How long will it last?

Like all the phenomena that suddenly exploded, its survival will depend on how much the community will be passionate and attentive, as well as how much the development managers will manage to keep the title updated. This commitment, obviously, will necessarily have to go through the release of contents and new methods on a regular basis. Moreover, beyond the gigantic initial success and constant support, other elements could lead the title to settle down to become a consolidated and long-term reality.